Disruptive New Website-Building Platform On Crowdfunding To Challenge Existing Services

Disruptive New Website-Building Platform On Crowdfunding To Challenge Existing Services

Cuander will let untrained ordinary people quickly and easily create powerful and feature-rich websites – only based on their intuition

The world of crowdfunding is today fostering a new campaign that promises to disrupt yet another industry. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched at http://bit.ly/cuanderwebbuilder to create cuander, a hi-tech website-building platform that promises to leave experts struggling to find clients, and existing outdated platforms struggling to find an audience.

“We’ve been working for 6 years to turn Cuander into a reality”, Mario Malpica, one of the project authors, who is part of a team of designers, programmers, and marketers with over 18 years of experience, who have decided to get together and create this new platform.

“Cuander is being developed to create a balance between hi-tech ultra-advanced website-building possibilities, and a fun, relaxed and extremely simple experience that anyone can use to build an impressive website. It is being developed to work smoothly from a non-expert user point of view – instead of working from a coder or web designer point of view, which is too complex for ordinary people who just need a spectacular but simple and affordable website. And that is only one of the many innovative aspects that Cuander brings”, Mr. Mario Malpica added.

It is known that, every day, hundreds of thousands of people turn to the internet to create websites that reflect their personal projects and hobbies, their professional presentation of the services that they are offering, and the companies that they are starting – or that they are giving a make-over to get them ahead in their market.

However, this does not come without frustrations, since people either need to hire expensive expert services, or be limited to existing platforms which have models that have been created more than ten years ago, and which have not introduced significant sophistications ever since.

The creators of Cuander are betting on filling this void, by giving people an accessible tool, with a vast and robust set of customizable features, that allows them to create their own website – for personal, professional or business purposes – without having to learn or understand programming or web design, and without being limited to underperforming platforms.

“We’re focused on innovating to bring people the future of affordable-and-easy-to-build impressive websites for their enjoyment and convenience”, the crowdfunded added, further stating that “This is the platform that even children or grandmothers can use to build websites that would leave the most sophisticated web agencies feeling jealous and insecure.”

The creators of Cuander claim that this platform will allow people to, only based on their intuition and personal tastes and preferences, seamlessly create a website that:

  •  works easily but produces robust websites
  • is twice as fast to use as any other in the world
  • fully and engagingly customizable – fostering people’s particular tastes and creativity
  • requires no installation
  • requires no understanding of FTP
  • has no hidden functions
  • can work on any server
  • has extremely advanced patented systems
  • functions on a straightforward what-you-see-is-what-you-get mode
  • works on any computer
  • has a world of stunning graphic and video effects that can be easily added
  • allows people to effortlessly install chats and other features that would otherwise be complex to add
  • among a plethora of so many other features that people can enjoy

The crowdfunding campaign has a funding goal of $11,000, which will be used to fine-tune the last details of Cuander, by bringing more experienced people into the team of developers so that the platform is up and running as soon as possible.

Potential backers are being offered rewards that promise to entice those who need these services, namely the access, in special conditions, to the platform once it is publicly available.

For more information, please visit bit.ly/cuanderwebbuilder

or contact Mario Malpica, at info@cuander.com  or skype: mariomalpicapatron


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