Simple and Top Tips to Speed Up WordPress and Reduce the Loading Time

Simple and Top Tips to Speed Up WordPress and Reduce the Loading Time

There are many tips to make your WordPress website super fast but the ones that are mentioned in the post are easier and can be easily performed by any beginner.

Importance of Site speed: If your site takes too long to load then you will feel bored, tired and it will increase your work time. Now Google included the site speed in its algorithm because if the site loads very slowly the users will not prefer Google site so they will lose more customers.

To Speed up WordPress: There are various tips to speed up the wordpress,

  • Choosing good Host: If you choose a bad host it will slow down the site speed and will become down when there is high traffic. So always choose good hosts like WP Engine managed wordpress host. Hosting service is one of the biggest factor that you must consider. Getting a VPS can be budget friendly when compared to a dedicated server. So its better to go for a VPS if you are new. Fastcomet is one of the best hosting, you can read fastcomet hosting review in order to improve the performance of your wesbite.
  • Solid theme or framework: Always choose good framework. When you choose framework like bloated framework it has more features which you will never use. Because of this more features it will slow down your site. If you choose good theme or framework it will manage if you add more editing. Neat and clean coding will not only help you in ranking but it will improve the speed of your website and will also decrease the amount of bugs in coding an hence, you must go for the premium themes only.
  • Using good caching : This will help you to reduce the time to load the page. Chacing will also help in saving the static data of your website on the users browsers and thus when he or she opens your website in future, your website will open up in a blazingly fast speed.
  • Using content delivery network: All the blog users are using this. This content delivery network will remove all the static files. So that the user will feel free and easy to download his content. CDN is referred to as content delivery network. The CDN service providers have multiple servers on different-different zones and when a user open up your site from the belonging zone, the data will be fetched from the nearest server and hence the website will open up with the blink of the eye.
  • Minimizing images: This will reduce the size of the images. But it will not reduce the quality of the images. This will be done to all your images and you will feel time consuming. You can either use image compression software or convert .png images to jpeg in order to minimize the size. You can also resize the images to max possible as per your website.
  • Reducing home page: By reducing the home page contents the user can load the homepages easily. You have to remove the unwanted content, images, etc. Since homepage is one of the page that is most visited by the users, you must do whatever is possible to speed it up.
  • Reducing database: By reducing the database the user will load the site quickly. Remove all the unwanted data, tables from the database. Optimizing the database is the best way. You can use wp-optimize wordpress plugin in order to free up and optimize the database.

These are very few simple things you have to note when trying to increase the wordpress speed. Usually social media plugins consume good amount of speed but social warfare is the plugin that has completely optimised coding and thus you won’t face any issues with it.

There are many websites that will show you in the instructions for speeding up wordpress but the ones that we have given above are the basics that you must follow.

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