4 Best WordPress Plugins to Have in 2017

4 Best WordPress Plugins to Have in 2017

WordPress plugins come in really handy when you wish to add or extend functionality of your website on WordPress. These plugins can make the difference between a website that’s good and great. The type of plugins used on a website can vary, depending on the niche or kind of website, but there are some that are needed by all. Some of these plugins include those for speed, search engine optimization and security amongst others. If you do a search, you will find a horde of handy plugins in the WordPress framework and they can be used for reducing a lot of work you would otherwise have to do.

It is true that you can find WordPress plugins for every feature and function you could possibly want, but the problem is that there are multiple plugins of each. Therefore, it is easy to get confused about which one to pick. Luckily, here is a list of the best WordPress plugins you should have in 2017:

1.   Jetpack

This is a powerful plugin that was introduced by Automattic, the brilliant brains behind WordPress and it is a must-have for every website. You ca fid a pack of great features in this plugin that can enable your website to reach the kind of success you want. It can be helpful in improving your website’s performance, security, image optimization, traffic growth, appearance and plenty more. Your content is shared automatically with search engines and this is great for increasing your traffic ad reach.


One of the best WordPress plugins that you can have for your website is WPSOLR, which is great for boosting the search function. It is great for large websites because it comes in handy for optimizing the speed of search queries conducted by potential clients. In fact, this plugin can offer your website the same search functionality seen on Amazon and eBay that have hundreds of pages. It is compatible and quite easy to use so it can be installed quickly.

3.   Yoast SEO

Every website gets most of its traffic from search engines and the number of people using them has risen steadily. This has made SEO more relevant than ever and this is where Yoast SEO comes in. With this plugin, you will get the guidance needed for improving your ranking in search results as it enables you to create better content. You will be able to create content that’s useful for your audience and will allow you to gain their trust and develop a long and sustainable relationship.

4.   WP Smush

Images are an excellent asset that work wonders in grabbing the attention of users. Rather than using simple texts, you can deliver your messages via images more effectively because they can make your website look more engaging, catchy and attractive. But, the problem with images is that they can also slow down the website and take a lot of storage space and this is where WP Smush can help. This plugin can be used for compressing images without reducing your quality and your website can work better than ever.

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