If Your Business Is Not on Facebook, It Doesn’t Exist

If Your Business Is Not on Facebook, It Doesn’t Exist

From today’s point of view, practically no one can deny the influence of social networks. Generations of people have taken up many websites and platforms. About 77% of online adults are active users of social media. Considering how high this percentage is, its influence definitely cannot be undermined, especially in business. As we all know, running an amazing business means nothing if nobody is aware of it. This is where social media comes in, and we all know which one is the most powerful and most influential of them all – Facebook.

Even though most of us know the basic functions of Facebook and all the most popular ways to promote our business there, many people don’t actually know all the possibilities this social media has. Running a successful business is not a piece of cake and it’s definitely not an amateur’s job. This is why your company’s promotion shouldn’t look amateurish either. So here’s what you can do regarding this topic when it comes to your own business.

Where to start?

Many people create profiles with the names of their business and expect this to go viral for some reason. However, nobody will want to be “friends” with your business, regardless of how hard you try to update it. This is because people make friends with other people on Facebook. It’s much better to create a group or a page for your business instead of a profile. Pages are the best, since anybody can see their content and they’re very simple to use, people can like them and continue to get updates daily. Groups are also a good idea, but they have a barrier – people need to join them or get invited or approved, it slows down the process a lot and many people give up.

Then what?

So, you created your company’s Facebook page and you’re waiting for the likes to pile up. Well, it’s not that simple. First of all, you need to fix your page. It needs to have the newest info about your business at all times. You should update it on a daily basis. Make it interactive and keep your response time to a minimum. Very few people are actually going to search for your page – they’ll probably click on it because it popped up on their timeline. Make sure to post pictures, announcements and useful information on your page as often as you can but try not to overwhelm people’s timelines.

Not everything is free

After you’ve asked all your friends and family and pretty much everyone you know to like your page and invite their friends, there will come a time when you should turn to paid ads. Facebook has some of the best targeting options, which will allow you to feel safe in their hands and to know that the right people are going to see your ad. There are also other tools that can identify the type of your audience based on interests and similarities in location, jobs etc.

Crowd financing

This is becoming more popular in the world of business. Hiring someone to promote your business and offer people the option to donate money to some of your projects sounds great, and there are companies who do this professionally. The amount of money you’ll be spending on crowdfunding is nothing compared to how much you’ll earn and how many new potential clients will have heard about your business.

Be more casual

Generally, people have this weird idea that a serious business also needs to be very formal. That used to be true and some reasons for it do make sense. For example, a serious and strict attitude gives the impression of competence and responsibility. Nowadays, things are changing. People are becoming more closed off and often have a problem in attempting communication. This is why using smileys, GIFs and having a more casual attitude can bring you forward in the competition with others.

Regardless of what you do, you need to constantly work on your Facebook page. You cannot expect any results otherwise. This is why all big companies have employees or even departments that handle social media. It’s important and it must not be neglected.

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