Five Awesome Games You Should Consider Playing In 2017

Five Awesome Games You Should Consider Playing In 2017

Mobile games happen to be one of the best entertainment sources. While there is a long list of best games that presents a perfect mix of entertainment and thrill, here we have tried to list down a few of them.

Following are five games that can help you explore an impressive world of fantasy and action.


Compatible with Android and iOS platforms, Cavernaut is one of the most favorite games for mobile game players. It is a popular reincarnation of Lunar Lander, a classic arcade game of Atari, and can be downloaded for $1. You can enjoy this game by angling your device to pilot a landing aircraft by the mean of a aimlessly created cave system. Here you need to avoid the walls and touch down at refueling way points. Though Cavernaut doesn’t come with any kind of revolutionary concepts, it does shines when you are stuck between ranges of choices. You will need to find out if you can spend your quickly diminishing fuel in order to explore branching passages to know more about upgraded items.

Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved happens to be an excellent game for those who want something more than just a mobile based source of entertainment. This game had several bugs before its premature release that include matchmaking imbalance and various items. However, it has much more now which makes it an amazing gaming zone that’s worth investing money and your precious time for a brilliant and competitive pastime scene. You can simply log on to and play this amazing game.

Wayward Souls

Particularly designed for advanced players, Wayward Souls makes an astonishing choice for gamers who want to enjoy hard-action RPG games. Gameplay is designed to slay plethora of monsters in the prisons. Though, Wayward Souls is a popular game of 2014, it’s still one of the most favorite games for mobile gamers. The game needs you to have a bird’s eye view to accomplish the task as just a few mistakes can kill the hero. While it allows you to start over the game, it requires you to pay the cost as you will be playing as a different character without any additional items and abilities.

Slayaway Camp

Slayaway is a popular game of sliding block puzzles where you need to peel away layers of detached games. The pastime allows you to swipe yourself across the board over and over again, and bounce off all the walls and obstacles for navigating through different waypoints. Based on 80s cinematic horror, Slayaway Camp is a blocky game, and has a weird theme that sets this game apart. You can choose to play as a villain or monster of this horrific game where you want to kill someone brutally. Slayaway Camp is a strange series of actions but worth playing.


It is a commercial success since it was popped up in the end of 90s. Compatible for iOS and Android platforms, Planescape is priced at $10. It is a light game on combat in addition to a D&D campaign that acts according to the rules of 2nd Edition. It’s a dorky and remarkable fun which starts from start to finish. You play as a nameless character that is an immortal being and can inhabit the Dungeons & Dragons’ ridiculous planes of survival. Your mission will be learning about your identity and the reason why you can’t die.

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