Top Pet-Related Business Ideas For 2017

Top Pet-Related Business Ideas For 2017

The pet industry in North America is one of the most active in the world.  People are more than willing to put their money out to primp and pamper their furry friends. A small business operation has a very profitable opportunity in the pet industry; A pet franchise to be exact.

Canadians and Americans combined spent more than $100 billion on their pets in the last year.  There are a plethora of services that entrepreneurs may choose to provide for animals and their owners.

Take a read at this short summary, highlighting a few of the best pet-related business ideas for 2017, and see just what you can do to get the ball rolling on a brand new business.

Animal trainer/psychologist

If you educate yourself in the ways of the animal kingdom, those skills could make you a whole bunch of money.  People will pay top dollar for someone to come and train their animals to behave in a more acceptable manner.

Animal psychologists are great as well.  The “Cat Whisperer” is one excellent example of a successful animal psychologist.  He understands the way cats behave and their perspective on the world.  Pet owners often crave a deeper understanding of their animals, and this is a great way to help.

Pet sitters are always handy

Having a pet is a job all by itself, but most of us have to work as well.  There is not always enough time in the day to watch our animals, and that is where a pet sitter comes along.  Pet sitters offer something no money could ever truly afford; peace of mind.

It is well worth paying a small fee to know that your furry friends are looked after while you are away.  A pet sitter also benefits your animals, as they do not have to sit idly at home while you work.  They do not have to hold their bladders, either (which could be detrimental to a pet’s health).

Animal toy maker

A small business centered about handmade animal toys is a great way to earn some extra cash.  Sites like Etsy make a niche such as crocheting or sewing animal toys completely marketable.  Designing animal toys that salute your favorite football teams or Disney princesses are sure to turn the eyes of consumers.

Animal dwelling designers and builders

For some reason, pet owners love to have tiny little houses for their animals.  Some animals, like fish, need to have a specific container in which to live.  There is an excellent business potential for those who can design these habitats to be overtly appealing.

Cat cafe owner and operator

Though there are already a few cat cafes in business around the world, there are only a FEW cat cafes in business around the world.  Now is the best time to jump into the land of feline fun.

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