Don’t Handle Document Destruction By Yourself

Don't Handle Document Destruction By Yourself

There’s a certain of pride in doing things by yourself. There’s a sense of accomplishment for carrying out a task from start to finish without ever asking for help. That doesn’t always mean the end results are worth the effort. In many cases, a DIY approach will actively hurt you and those around. While your mind might first go to handiwork repair gone wrong, shredding important documents is on the list of things you shouldn’t do on your own. Shredding DIY can leave you or your business open to identity fraud.

Identity fraud isn’t just limited to the world of computers and the internet. Even if you do a lot of your banking and buying online, there’s a good chance that you still receive bills, credit card statements, and tax information through the mail. You know these documents can never get thrown out in one piece, but neither should they be discarded after a simple pass through your hands or a home shredder. These techniques don’t destroy enough of the account information held on these papers, making it easy to reconstruct for those willing to put in the time.

On average, businesses keep more than half of their sensitive documents on paper. This statistic applies to even those businesses who call Toronto home. The average office employee in Toronto and around the world uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year, yet it only takes one poorly discarded paper to put your business at risk.

By hiring a shredding company in Toronto to do this task, you eliminate the risk of that single paper ever threatening your home or business. People in the city trust their document destruction to the services of Absolute Destruction, a local shredding company that follows international security regulations on every job. With fully trained and bonded employees using state-of-the-art shredding technology, they won’t leave anything behind after a purge.

If you’re conscientious of how much waste they produce, as a shredding company Toronto environmentalists applaud, the team at Absolute are committed to doing their best for the environment. After they shred your documents, they transport the waste to a secure recycling facility. They even make sure any electronic devices destroyed don’t become e-waste.

While you might feel like you’re doing a job well done by shredding all of your paper on your own, the fact of the matter is you aren’t. You aren’t trained in the art of shredding, nor do you have the latest equipment to ensure absolute destruction of your personal information. While you may be able to DIY carpentry or home décor, leave the document destruction to the experts.

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