Motivating Your Employees and Subsequently Recognizing Their Contributions

Motivating Your Employees and Subsequently Recognizing Their Contributions

For every company and organisation, including start-ups, small scale enterprises, medium level business or a large scale one, its work force is the team that helps it fulfill its vision and achieve the goals. The driving force behind the success of any organisation is its team and employees.

The employees need to be appreciated for their contributions to the company. Also, they require a constant motivation which acts as the push and encouragement they need to work with the same vigour and zeal towards the betterment of the business and to facilitate further growth.

Most organisations often ignore the importance of motivating their employees or fail to see the benefits of motivation and in turn appreciation of their workforce. Recognizing the employees’ contributions and appreciating their work has a wide scale impact right from positive influence to benefiting the productivity. It also helps achieve greater employee engagement as well as retention.

Who and how can you appreciate and give recognition to your employees

If you are wondering that who is suitable to provide recognition to the employees, then traditionally those in leadership roles and positions have been doing this and aptly so, such as the

  • Senior leaders
  • Managers

However, it is not necessary and mandatory that recognition must come from and be restricted to these positions only. Recognition and appreciation can even come from customers and will be special for the employees. Better still, recognition coming from peers and co-workers is the best and will definitely mean a lot to the employees.

Now, the question arises is how to achieve recognition on this level and on a large scale platform. The answer to this is tools, such as achievers, which provide the perfect platform for employee appreciation and recognition. The tool allows the workforce to know each other and to appreciate the hard work and achievements of each other along with providing an encouraging boost. This platform also provides the opportunity to reward the winners with rewards other than cash bonus or gift cards. The program helps evaluate the top performers by a vote system or a point system across the entire workforce. And the top performers are rewarded in terms of experiences, holidays, opportunities, concierge services and similar services and products that are personal and yet different. In fact the entire tool along with the recognition and reward program can be tailored to suit the specific needs and requirements of each individual company.

Advantages and benefits of these recognition and rewards programs

In today’s times giving a pay hike or a performance bonus does not suffice to retain the workforce and provide them the motivation to work harder or perform better. A recognition and rewards program is needed and has various benefits.

  • Productivity

A workforce that is motivated and engaged enough is more productive and works more proactively as well as efficiently in order to achieve the coveted recognition.

  • Retention

If employees do not get the desired appreciation they are definitely bound to look for opportunities elsewhere. Imagine the time and resources spent by the company to employ and train new staff. With an enticing recognition and reward program in place, employees will surely think twice before quitting or resigning.

  • Job satisfaction and happiness

By recognizing the hard work of an employee and rewarding him or her for it, the company is giving a boost to their morale along with providing satisfaction that they are doing their job well and are in a stress free environment leading to a happy state of mind. This in turn works for the company’s benefit as well as that of the employee.


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