How Whiteboard Animation Can Benefit your Business

How Whiteboard Animation Can Benefit your Business

Have you been wondering about some different ways you can market your business online?  You may have tried paid advertisements or hired some actors to film a commercial.  This may be effective for some businesses, but other times a simple animation can project your idea best to your customers.

Custom whiteboard animations give a more personal feel to your promotions and are way more engaging than typical advertisements.

Lots of advertisements out there nowadays are annoying, boring, or clearly trying to manipulate you into buying their product.

The advantage with whiteboard animation is that your users get to watch information come to life in front of them, which allows you to guide their eyes anywhere you want to on the screen.

This means you have lots of control over how you want to deliver a specific message, while keeping the user’s attention along the way.

Scott Mooney, an animator and comic book artist from Guelph, Ontario used whiteboard animation to help create a video series about food security issues in the world, called Feeding9Billion.

You can view it here:

The goal of the animation was to offer objective, evidence-based information that could be easily accessible by all. Using whiteboard animation helped them reach a wide audience and easily explain all of the facts while doing so.

Why whiteboard animation over a real life commercial?

Being able to connect on a personal level with consumers and talk to them through animation can allow you to convert an audience you wouldn’t normally get with traditional mediums of advertising.

Whiteboard animations often cost less than producing a video advertisement, and get the point across more effectively lots of the time too.

The great thing about whiteboard animation is that it can simply be in black and white or you can add colour.

Typically coloured whiteboard animations are more expensive, but can be worth the extra money if you are trying to portray an idea in a particular way and need to use colours to do so.

How to choose a whiteboard animator to hire

Choosing the right whiteboard animator may be tricky, since everyone’s price points can vary by thousands of dollars. Some people offer the service on freelancing websites like UpWork for as little as $15.  Other’s charge around $1500 per minute of video produced.

It can be tempting to get a whiteboard animation done for $15, but most of the time the results will be disappointing.

You need someone that you can discuss the project with that firmly understands the message you are trying to get across and the audience that you are trying to get the message across to.

If you are looking for a whiteboard animator for a good price, Scott Mooney offers high quality service, with over 20 years of experience.

Consider coming up with a max budget so that you can discuss it with the animator before they start doing work.  Typically a video of a couple minutes can get a message across quite effectively.

However, if it is a complicated idea you are trying to explain, then you may need to increase your max budget to accommodate for the cost of a longer video time.

Next time you’re deciding on how to market your business, consider how whiteboard animation may benefit you.

Not all businesses are great candidates of whiteboard animation, but many are and it is worth discussing it with an animator to see what they can envision for your business.

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