Why Do Small Businesses Need Dedicated Servers?

Why Do Small Businesses Need Dedicated Servers?

A couple of years back, a research company predicted that there will be over billion websites over the internet. Though we don’t know the actual number of sites present online today, this is a fact that there are loads of sites swarming online.

As small businesses are also having their online presence to increase their sales prospect, it has been seen that most of these sites are hosted on shared hosting solutions. In most of the cases with average motivations, shared servers provide enough resources to small businesses. However, there are some large sized businesses or growing businesses that don’t want sharing of servers and server resources. This is when you need to look out for cheap dedicated servers so that the server resources remain dedicated, on one hand, and provides you better performance, on the other. This is the reason why more and more businesses are looking out for dedicated hosting solutions.

What is a dedicated hosting solution?

If your site is growing and want to provide users with continuous availability, cheap dedicated servers can be the best solution. In shared hosting solutions, the resources namely memory, processor, and other processes are shared among thousands of users sharing the hosting space. In fact, usage limits are also put in place in some arrangements so that every site in that shared space get equal opportunity of using the resources.

However, this facility is not available in most of the shared solutions. This is the reason why more resource usage by one site adversely affects the functioning of another site. In fact, the IP is also shared, which also creates issues to users. If you want more control on resources, ensure fast performance of the server, and want to utilize server resources fully then dedicated servers at affordable price are the best solution available. With dedicated hosting a user can add as many websites as per its wish.

Why would you need a dedicated server?

There are certain aspects that are needed to be known, which ultimately helps in making a decision whether to go for cheap dedicated servers. The questions that are pertinent for answering include –

  • What is the number of sites that an individual has?
  • What are the types of sites of a user?
  • What is the daily traffic of each of the sites?

If the websites need lots of resources and the traffic is very high then going for a dedicated server is recommended.  Though VPS can be a potential answer in such cases, these virtualization private servers also have some limitations. There is a restriction on the total number of sites that can be hosted on a VPS. If your site is a moderately successful one, VPS hosting may be the answer. If your site gets loads of traffic and earns you huge money out of that, cheap dedicated servers can be the best possible solution for you. In fact, choice of dedicated servers are also found to be highly beneficial for search engine optimization too as they provide dedicated IP, on one hand, and better loading time, on the other

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