What is a Cryptocurrency Hijack and How to Avoid It With An Iolo Coupon

What is a Cryptocurrency Hijack and How to Avoid It With An Iolo Coupon

Have you heard about the Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a worldwide digital payment method that everyone can use to buy goods and not only. It all started back in 2009 from a guy called Satoshi Nakamoto who released an open source software, so users could exchange digital money directly with each other without any mediator. In 2015 thousands of businesses accepted Bitcoin as an additional payment method. As of today, one Bitcoin is worth $4,245. You can either buy it or “generate” it with a process called mining by using a computer. The process of mining is not that simple and to create a single Bitcoin you will need a lot of time and processing power (powerful PC units).

Your Computer Is Vulnerable To Hijack

Recently a torrent website Pirate Bay, who offers a large source of data through their servers for regular users to download, tried to use their computers and processing power for Bitcoin mining without the users’ consent. Some users finally realized that their computers were being used remotely from Pirate Bay and they exposed them on the internet.

Avoid Unsafe Websites

The internet is not the safest place. Anyone can take advantage of your computer to use for their own benefit without you knowing! How can you realize it and be proactive? Is there any way to stop this kind of process if it ever happens? The best way to do it is to know how to protect your personal computer from third-party applications before the actual trespassing happens. For example, if you download torrents, you put yourself at risk. Torrents are not reliable and not the best solution to get something you want for your computer. Movies and music also are illegal to copy. So why put yourself at risk?


Another way to save your computer from cryptocurrency mining is to add Adblock Plus in your browser. Adblock is a simple utility extension that blocks all kind of ads and keeps you safe from these kind of threats. Adblock Plus is available in most popular browsers and you can add it by typing in Google the name AdBlock Plus and the browser you use. There will be step-by-step instructions on how to install it and an icon will appear in the top left or right corner of your browser. This way you will know that the extension is running correctly and the by clicking it you will be able to see its features and options.

System Shield by Iolo

When using a personal computer you must take the proper security measures. Protect your personal Mac or PC with the latest internet security software. A great option is System Shield by Iolo. This software can definitely protect you from online threats as it is one of the best anti-malware and anti-spyware applications on the internet. These type of software usually cost a lot of bucks per subscription per year but there is always a way to save on your purchase by the use of iolo coupon codes. Check for special offers online and in deal websites like spiqy coupons and you will be able to save in some cases up to 50% off the original price!

At the end of the day, the best way to protect yourself is to educate. Education plays an important role in the digital world. Invest time to learn about internet security and how to identify malicious websites, read news, and be aware of what’s going on online. It will definitely pay off for you and your family.

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