6 Best Finance Apps for Small Business Owners

6 Best Finance Apps for Small Business Owners

Owning a business means fighting a battle on various fronts. You have to be all-rounder; a great problem solver, an exceptional communicator and a financial expert. Running a small business means wearing a lot of hats. When you are multitasking and need perfection on all the aspects of your business, you need to run things in smooth way.

Thanks to technology which has made running business a lot easier. Machines like clover register, make the payment process lot easier. Whether you are sitting in your office or on the move, a good app help you stay updated about the finances of your business 24/7. We have collected a list of five different finance apps or business solutions, for your business that you will find helpful for your business finances.

1. Wave

Tracking of sales and expenses for small business has become easier with the help of wave. It is specifically designed for small business, independent contractors and sole proprietors with less than nine or lesser employees. This app helps in managing invoices, payments, salaries, and generates accounting reports. Apart from it, there is a free personal finance software providing financing solution to small business owners.

2. QuickBooks

In order to track sales and expenses, record of financial statements, employees’ salaries, and track unpaid invoices, Quickbooks is one of the best finance apps that offers all in one solution. It is accounting software which helps in running business and keeps track of overall financial health of business. Another benefit of Quickbooks is that it connects to other accounts such as bank account, credit cards, PayPal, and uploads data from these sources seamlessly. You can access QuickBooks on devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.

3. FreshBooks

Freshbooks is another app that lets small business owners and freelancers manage and track invoices in a simpler way. Making a personalized and professional-looking invoice is easy with Freshbooks. It automatically generates bills to the clients and accept credit cards on mobile devices. It also helps owners organize expenses and create customized reports like profit and loss.

4. PlanGuru

It helps small businesses to add same financial value as large companies do. PlanGuru is one of the most effective budgeting app for the small businesses. It enables owners implement budget, forecast and financial reviews for better and effective financial decision making. Integrated balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statement saves the owners from maintaining large and comprehensive spreadsheets.

5. InDinero

This app helps keeping a snapshot of your small business financial health handy. It acts as a financial dashboard which tracks key performance indicators to measure business. InDnero assists bookkeepers, accountants, and CPA in managing book and deliver accurate financial help. With the help of tabs and visuals, it immediately updates you even if you are going off financial course.

6. Square

Payment for owners via mobile becomes easy through square. It enables owners to swipe customers’ credit card on smartphone or tablet also called mobile pos card reader. Payments while roaming becomes easy through this app.

You would find many other apps for your business, but this list is worth considering if you really want a good financial health of our small business.

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