How to Find the Best Live Chat Software Provider

How to Find the Best Live Chat Software Provider

What is the best Live Chat software provider? It depends on what you are looking at and what you want. If you consider market share, then Freshdesk, Olark, LiveChat, Zoho Desk and others look good. But if you look at customer satisfaction based on reviews, TeamSupport, Userlike, LiveAgent, SnapEngage and Pure Chat stand out even though they haven’t achieved market share prominence yet.

Because the field is developing rapidly, you should also consider providers that have not yet received enough reviews to be evaluated. New entities are often better because they were created to solve problems that exist or meet unmet needs in more established programs. Some of these include Oracle Service Cloud (formerly known as RightNow), Zendesk Support, LiveEngage and Zendesk is rated (9.1 Out Of 10) for the Simple & Customizable Live Chat provider.

Contenders with lower user satisfaction ratings should not be dismissed out of hand unless they continue to suffer low ratings. How a company responds to customer concerns (i.e. low satisfaction ratings) is a better mark of quality than pure 5-star ratings across the board.

Niche solutions are by definition in their own category and should not be compared to more general Live Chat software. Helpzilla is a fine business to customer support package. It can be used to serve multiple websites and support several operators with both visual and auditory alerts. It is easy to learn and intuitive.

BoldChat allows you to see various pieces of information about the client with whom you are chatting, which is very useful for adding a personal touch. When you have the client’s geographical location, name, phone number, email and their initial question, you can be much more personal and less like a machine.

Ease of use should be somewhere in the evaluation of the best Live Chat software provider. More analytic and reporting features are nice, but the ability to put the program into use with minimal training is important.

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