How to Get Authority Backlinks for Your Website

How to Get Authority Backlinks for Your Website

If you have been doing SEO for a while or even if you are just starting, you need to understand that authority backlinks are one of the main ranking factors that determine if your site is found on the first page of Google.

You need a comprehensive SEO strategy to build backlinks to your site and you need to know where the risks are before you start your SEO campaign.

In the last few years, a lot of SEO practitioners were using shortcuts to build links. They used large article networks to disseminate their poorly written articles. These networks created a digital footprint which was easily identifiable. Google connected all the sites that used these networks and devalued all the backlinks. This had the impact of penalising all the sites that used these networks.

Today, white hat link building is the safe way to go. You don’t want to risk spending a lot of time and money for your sites to be penalised by the search engines.

To get lots of high quality, authority backlinks, you need links from a lot of authority sites. There are several ways to get links from authority sites.

Guest posting is one of the most popular white hat SEO techniques. It is one of the most effective ways to get authority backlinks but it is one of the most time-consuming tasks in SEO.

In addition to guest posting, here are a few more sources of authority links:

Broken link building

In most industries, there are some high authority sites that have resource pages on their sites. If the page has been up for a few years, there is a high likelihood that some of those resources are out of date and links to pages that no longer exist. Having broken links on your site is a negative signal in search engine algorithms.

To do this, find resource pages for your niche. Use the Chrome extension, “Check My Links“. This extension is very helpful in identifying which links on that page are broken by highlighting it in red.

The next step is to contact the site owner to tell them that you have found a broken link and offer a page from your site as an alternative resource. In most cases, this saves the webmaster time to find an alternative. In addition, they will almost always use your link if the subject fits their site.

Write testimonials for authority backlinks

Most business websites have a section for testimonials. Businesses love testimonials as they give some social proof about their product or service. If there are some services that you use that show testimonials, you should give them a testimonial with a link back to your site. If you find high authority sites with testimonial pages, you can even buy the product to give them a testimonial. This is one of the easier ways to get a backlink from a high authority site.

At least weekly, you need to keep track of your backlink building progress and your backlink profile. The easiest way to do this is with an SEO tool like It keeps track of all the backlinks to your site, the anchor text used and even provides you with a backlink roadmap which identifies steps to take next. Furthermore, using a tool like this will help you measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign and ensures that you don’t fall foul of any frowned upon tactics.

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