Secret Tip for Entrepreneurs: Stop Consoling Start Conquering

Secret Tip for Entrepreneurs: Stop Consoling Start Conquering

Yes, being an entrepreneur can be an intimidating and overwhelming job. You have to be on your toes all the time. Ticks of the clock don’t matter, day and night make no difference, no superior to deliver responsibility to. Tough, right? You have now officially entered in a world where you have to be on call 24*7, your mailbox will be flooded with numerous mail to reply and plenty of social posts to revert. Do you know what this means? Handling all this would eat up your entire day with your actual task remaining untouched. Is it suppose to be this way? Of course, not. This way, you won’t start conquering your way to success.

Your ear must have come across it’s an easy peasy job to be an entrepreneur. You are hearing it every day he/she dropped the job and opt for startup and is a successful entrepreneur now. Really, is it that easy? For the novice set of audience, there has been disheartened entrepreneurs as well who are struggling and fighting hard to climb the success ladder. Kudos to those entrepreneurs. Here are some of the tips that can help them gain their confidence back and stand still on your decision.

1. Treat yourself

Keeping everything aside, when you are on the verge of downfall, you dedicate your mind, heart, and soul to your business. At the end, your work is a compliment in your life, not completion. Too much pressure steals up your personal space and ability of your mind to think from an innovative approach becoming a hurdle in business growth. Your mind gets trapped in a box, a business box. Treat yourself, it can be a small vacation or it can a small road trip, or just a visit to your near or dear ones. If can’t afford a long time, then party hard, get drunk (if that makes you happy), dance out or sing out, a long bath or anything that you love which is kept aside due to workload.

2. Live in the moment

Ever heard, “Live, Laugh, Love…you never know if you have tomorrow.” if not, now you know. Entrepreneurs are under the pressure to work hard, focus on business growth and maintain it. If you are in a good position, the pressure of maintaining that can hook you. You miss out on the live opportunities coming your way in the heed of planning for the future. Live in the moment, take nuances coming your way and embrace them. Being an entrepreneur is just like mobile app development, both of them have new trends coming with every new sunrise. Missing out the upcoming opportunities will eradicate your existence from the market. So, entrepreneurs, follow the BBB (Brave, Bold and Brilliant) mantra. Be a brave entrepreneur taking the measured risk, bold to stand by the risky decision and brilliant to convert the risk into a profitable return.

3. Stop beating a dead horse

Well, the above phrase means doing something excessively without result. If you think that the whole concept revolves around never giving up, then my friend you are wrong. Of course, an entrepreneur should not give up but here we have a different approach. Albert Einstein once said, “ it’s stupid to keep doing the same thing again and again and expect a different result.” Very well said. Tell me one thing, have you ever tried cooking? If you want to cook spicy food but you add the same amount of chilly powder every time you cook, is it going to taste spicy? No, right. Just like the chef add different flavors and spices to their food to make their food delicious, entrepreneurs also have to keep adding new inputs and trying new ideas to make their business lucrative. If things are not working out, trying it over and over again isn’t going to do any good.

4. Chance is never last, its second last

Don’t let one bad decision downgrade your confidence and shake your decision-making ability. You are always open with another chance. Creating a mental block that there isn’t will deteriorate your mental health. This will make you feel like a helpless victim. Stop feeling that, empower yourself, keep telling yourself “you can do it – Just do it.” Yes, I know its the tagline of Nike but there’s nothing wrong in taking inspiration, right?

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