iPhone X: Everything You Should Know about the Apple’s Exclusive Phone

iPhone X: Everything You Should Know about the Apple’s Exclusive Phone

Apple officially launched its exclusive phone on the 10th anniversary. The highly anticipated and long-awaited iPhone X is finally here now. The phone is packed with fun-filled features and capabilities that no other phone has. Apple promoted the exclusive phone with a tagline “The future is here.” The features explain the tagline.

In this article, we will break down of what do you expect in the latest phone.

The iPhone X is pronounced as iPhone 10

The iPhone X with a Roman number is pronounced as “ten” not “X”. This is a silly misconception that people have. The official pronunciation is ten while X is written to make it fancier

Edge to Edge display

The iPhone X has a glass front and back with a Super Retina Display that shows the images and videos on a sharp screen resolution with stunning colors. The display screen is the most advanced and attractive yet featuring OLED screen. It’s the highest resolution and best display so far.

No home button

The iPhone X lacks the home button. Since the screen covers the entire interface of the phone there’s no space left for home button hence it has been dismissed. To do the same function as the home button you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen and toggle between the apps.

Face ID

With no home button, touch ID has also been removed. Instead of Touch ID, you’re getting Face ID which uses facial recognition to identify the correct face. It’s more secure as you can make Apple payments just at a glance at your phone and your payment will get recognized.


The latest addition is that you can send Animoji’s to your friends. This feature is not present in the old iPhone however they can still get a view of it. There are 12 basic emoji’s you can get started from and send the animated emoji with your voice and facial gestures.

Wireless charging

The wireless feature is one of the prominent features of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Since Apple has designed with glass screen this feature makes it possible to wireless charge the phone. You can stick your phone to any wireless charging plate and charge your phone quickly. You can charge up to 50% within half an hour. Apple says the battery life is long lasting than previous iPhones.

Dual cameras

The iPhone X camera has a dual camera which means that the camera result is clearer. The improved image processor is faster and takes the perfect shot with 12 megapixels rear camera

iPhone X comes in two colors

The iPhone X has a front and back glass screen which Apple calls the all-glass design. Apple claims that the glass is the most durable glass in a smartphone. Moreover, it comes in just two exclusive colors silver and space grey. They look a lot like white and black with a shiny glass.

Most Expensive phone ever

Apple iPhone X is the most expensive phone ever. The basic phone starting price is $999. If you’re a keen iPhone users you’d be desperately waiting to get your hands on the new phone but its hell expensive.

Augmented Reality applications

A massive introduction by Apple was in the way of AR built-in apps. The iPhone X supports augmented reality apps through the recently introduced ARKit. ARKit aims at providing fast processing, motion graphics, and graphically animated gaming experience. You can use the powerful apps and play 3D games without a hitch.

A11 Bionic Chip

The powerful A11 Bionic chip has high power core that is much faster than the previous A10 chip. The iPhone X integrates with an excellent processor which results in better performance and speed.  The blazing fast processor in the shape of A11 Bionic chip is here with exclusive phone

New lighting and shooting modes with camera

Along with the dual camera, Apple has introduced the Portrait mode which will let you adjust the lighting according to the face shape. You can play with the dramatic effects and even drop the lighting to black or apply studio light in the background. The portrait mode is great.

The iPhone X is undoubtedly one of the best frameworks of Apple. Loaded with hundreds of features. Apple truly knows how to take technology to the next level and it will continue to implement it in the future as well.

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