9 Tips to Make Moving Easier With Transport Companies

9 Tips to Make Moving Easier With Transport Companies

The excitement of moving into a new house is often offset by the stress of moving out of the old house. Moving all your belongings, leaving behind sentimental memories, saying goodbye to friends; everything associated with moving is hard. However, if you plan right, you can get everything done properly and still have the time to celebrate your move. Tip number 1 on how to make moving easier; don’t leave everything to the last minute. Your planning should start at least a month in advance.

Here are a few things you should be doing when you are 4 weeks away from moving day.

Minimize Your Belongings

When you move house you’ll realize there are many things you’ve accumulated that you don’t really need. For example, do you really need to hang on to that dresser with a broken leg? What about that dress you love but know you’ll never fit into? This is the perfect time to donate or sell things you don’t see yourself using in future. The less you own, the less you’ll have to pack and the easier it will be to move. Also, take a look at your freezer. Foods that you won’t be eating before you move should be donated to people who need them.

Get Moving Insurance

Moving insurance can seem trivial but remember that no matter how well you pack, there will be some breakages during the trip. Boxes can shift or drop by mistake. Since this is out of your control, do what is in your control- get your belongings insured. Most moving companies also provide a valuation or a predetermined limit of liability.

Book Moving Transport

Depending on the amount of things you need to shift, book a trailer or truck as early as possible. If you aren’t driving down, you’ll also have to look into transport companies that offer automobile transportation. Get written confirmation from the movers about the date of moving, the time they will come to your house, costs etc. Once the truck has been booked for a date, check if you need a parking permit for your moving day.

Arrange your Own Travel

Depending on where you’re moving to, plan your mode of transport. If you’re driving down, decide your stops enroute and where you’re going to stay at each of them. Any friends or relatives that you will be staying with enroute should also be notified in time. In such cases, you may also want to look into buying an overhead carrier to help you carry more luggage. If you’re travelling with pets, get their documents, shots and carriers in place.

Cancel Services

This is the right time to contact your service companies and intimate them about your change of address. Give your new address to any magazines that you subscribe to. Get in touch with your telephone service providers, cable providers, internet and electricity providers etc. Tell them when you will be moving so that they do not disconnect your services early. You don’t really want to be moving boxes in a hot summer without electricity do you…

Get your paperwork in order

Do not send your important papers with the moving truck. This should always be carried with you. To ensure that nothing is missed out, create a file with all the necessary documents. Some of the documents this should have include your passports, bank and medical papers, children’s certificates and school transfer papers. Also, create a box that will contain all your jewellery and valuables.

Get Boxes

Boxes can be expensive so start collecting early. Ask your local stores for any empty boxes they can give you. If not get quotes from cardboard box providers and find the one best suited to you. Don’t forget about tape and bubble wrap. Alternatively, you can also look into recyclable storage boxes. Many companies provide these eco friendly solutions that are cheaper on the pocket and easy on the environment.

Pack the Outdoor Stuff

When you’re moving house; it’s best to start packing with the outdoors. These are things you can do without for a month. Dismantle any outdoor furniture and children’s swings etc. Check the garage and lofts for things that can be put away. Once you start packing your crockery and clothes, you may forget about these things.

Find Out about Moving Day Arrangements at Your New Home

Just like you need to check out parking permits for the moving truck at your old home, you’ll need to do the same for the new home. While you’re finding out about that, also ask if there are any others things you need to know about. For example, in the case of an apartment building, using the service elevator may be allowed only at specific times of the day. Also, ask about the local service providers and get references for good plumbers and carpenters.

Now does moving seem doable?

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