Panels and Gondolas in a Slatwall Style for Displaying Your Retail Items

Panels and Gondolas in a Slatwall Style for Displaying Your Retail Items

Slatwall and pegboard have both been around for a long time in the retail industry. While both have plusses and minuses but slatwall has been coming to the fore more and more in recent years. Why is slatwall becoming the market leader when it comes to retail displays though? Is there a specific thing that it does incredibly well, or is it a myriad of things that come together to create an excellent way to display your products.


Slatwall with panels and gondolas offers the ability to change your display with minimal fuss at any time. So if you have a delivery arrive and need to change the layout of your slatwall gondola then it is no problem to simply and easily move your fittings around and create a new display. It is this versatility that makes slatwall such a popular choice for so many retailers. It’s not just the ability to change around a display either, slatwall is so versatile in how it displays your products too. Offering you the ability to house your products in a number of different cases and shelves. All of this adds up to not just keeping your displays fresh, but you can also ensure that they are practical and aesthetically pleasing as well.


Slatwall is incredibly strong. It allows you to use any number of different storage shelves and housings for your products which means you can pick the correct one for the product you have on display. This means that you won’t be left with the wrong type of shelf for an electronic product or the wrong type of housing for a shoe. This means that there will be far less breakages and your products are less likely to break from falling off shelves. A more durable display method is one of the most desirable traits that you can have for your displays. It also allows you to use more secure housing if you have expensive products on display. This means that the more durable display methods can also provide added security to your retail outlet.

Space Saving

A slatwall allows you to save an incredible amount of space when compared to other display methods. It gives you the opportunity to raise your products from the floor and onto the walls. This means that not only can customers get around your retail space far more easily but you can also display a significant amount of extra products at the same time. This means that you don’t have to worry about not being able to show your new products, or having to move some of your best seller in order to accommodate new items for display. You can display all of your products with the greatest of ease.

Your retail outlet can seriously benefit in a large number of ways from using slatwall for your displays. Whether you want more space or if you want a more durable display shelf, slatwall will give you the opportunity to beautifully show off your products without any worries.

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