Renewing the Pointing: Top Advantages of Brick Repointing

Renewing the Pointing: Top Advantages of Brick Repointing

Over time, voids occur between joints in the bricks due to weathering and decay and this paves the way for the entrance of water, which is undesirable.

The process of renewing these joints is defined as brick repointing. Most people consider this brick pointing to be an expensive and time-consuming process. They believe that the expense cannot be justified only for the purpose of making the property appealing. However, it is a fact that the health of the brick mortar is not only for enhancing its appearance; there are a variety of other benefits you can get from repointing, which are:

Repointing ensures structural integrity

When you undertake proper maintenance of the brickwork, you are able to boost the structural integrity of your home or property. If you notice any decaying joints, growing cracks or falling mortar, you need to address it immediately for redeeming the strength and stability of the building.

Repointing provides protection from weather

The seal protecting your property can fail if the mortar is not well. If this were to happen, water is more likely to get a chance to seep into the bricks leading to damp issues. You can repair the damp proof layer through repointing. Also, you can add fresh mortar for waterproofing your home again.

Repointing improves the aesthetics

The overall appearance of your house is adversely affected due to crumbling mortar. It is further degraded when the brickwork starts showing stains. You can improve your home’s aesthetics by combining repointing services with that of stain removal and give it a significant makeover that enhances its appearance.

Repointing gives value a boost

One of the most notable benefits that you can enjoy if you decide to invest in brick pointing is the increase in your home’s value. Potential home buyers always take into consideration the amount of repairs needed in a property and decaying brick and mortar can bring down your house’s value. Buyers want to avoid repair bills as much as possible and may quote lower prices for your property. Therefore, it is better if you get repointing done as this will automatically give you the chance to demand a higher value.

Repointing reduces regular maintenance

Lots of homeowners make the mistake of repairing small areas one at a time. In the short run, it might seem a feasible option because it is a small expense. However, doing this can actually diminish the strength of the wall and also create uneven weak points in the brickwork. Moreover, it can also lead to a more haphazard appearance because the work doesn’t show a uniform way. The worst part is that you have to continue maintenance on a regular basis. Avoid going through all this hassle and dealing with the problems that arise because of it. It is a better idea to go with repointing. It can actually turn out to be more cost effective for you. Also, it is more clean and effective in boosting the strength and aesthetics of your property.

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