5 Ways to Become a Successful Insurance Agent

5 Ways to Become a Successful Insurance Agent

Getting a job in our modern era is not that easy since there is a lot of labor force against the number of jobs available. The competition is very stiff, and such a situation should call for intervention from above. However, what if you had the opportunity to try a new gig such as promoting insurance calls, and at the end of the day you’ll have generated some revenue. I bet you would take it. If so, here are five ways in which you can become a successful insurance agent.


1. Make yourself available and accessible


If you happen to be working solo, then make yourself easy to find for everyone out there. You can do door-to-door techniques, where you drop into your neighborhood and convince them of the need of having an insurance program. However, if you have an agency, then you need to make it available online and ensure it has a high google ranking with many positive reviews.

Nowadays, before purchasing anything, we find ourselves opening a Google tab and for example, searching “best insurance agency” to look for help as well read reviews online. Make sure to include at least your phone number, email address, and you can do this and more by setting My Google Business Listing and ask previous clients to leave a review. From the listing, you’ll be able to check how many clicks or visits your agency received or the calls that were coming in on a daily to monthly basis.

2. Be active on social media accounts

Social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the best way to market yourself because currently, almost every one of us is active on social media. Being active on your social media accounts will become more of a selling point rather than socializing. You’ll be creating a network in which people can easily find you as they look for advice when purchasing products or for example, looking for the best insurance programs that offer car insurance, home insurance, cell phone insurance, health insurance, etc. You need to be there and available to provide them with guidance and personalized advice. Be active on Facebook that has over 1 billion users, and other social media accounts, and you’ll have created a vast online presence for your insurance packages.

3. Advertising

You can use Facebook as a way to advertise your services and get more clients. Facebook offers sponsored posts which are low cost. Once you pay for sponsored posts, Facebook will show the ads to people seeking an insurance agent. You can choose to target your audience by interests and location, and you’ll get more appealing clients.

4. Try webinars

You can host webinars to explain more about what insurance entails. And you’ll have visuals such as PowerPoint presentations to back up your talks. You can choose to be hosting daily, weekly or monthly webinars. By doing so, you will educate more people and bring your expertise to them.

5. Enroll in business networking group

By joining a networking group, you’ll be able to formulate a healthy relationship with business. Also, you will be on good terms with masses while sharing business referrals, contacts, and ideas. By doing so, you’ll get more clients to promote the insurance.

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