The Best Places To Start A Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The Best Places To Start A Digital Nomad Lifestyle

People want to work and at the same time they want to travel. This is a result of increased technological advancements and broadband connectivity in almost every part of the world.

People need to keep up with emails and maybe connect with business associates or families and friends. Digital nomads are becoming increasingly popular. Below are various cities with favorable environments to begin digital traveling:


This is the preferred city for most people especially for the lovers of cultural lifestyles and beautiful sites. In London you will also find ease in looking for affordable accommodation places. Besides London has free Wifi in the entire city which will be a significant advantage for the digital nomad to carry on him or her activities efficiently.


This town will suit anyone because it is highly affordable. Budapest has no congestion and provides cafes with very fast free Wifi 24/7. Everything here is accessible from food, accommodation, and other services.

Chiang Mai

This is a city based in Thailand. It is known for its best cheap delicacies and comfortable lifestyle. Just like Budapest, Chiang Mai has fast and free broadband connectivity in cafes and various outlets which will enable a digital nomad to carry out activities smoothly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laptop

Digital nomads might comprise of people of different careers: freelancers, Web App developers, online marketers and content writers. Digital nomads need laptops for working when away from home or while travelling. When it comes to choosing a laptop that is effective to a digital nomad, below are the factors to consider:

  • Size- laptops are usually carried in backpacks. For it to fit in your bag pack, it must be small and not heavy to create inconveniences.
  • Battery life- for a nomad your PC will need a good battery life that lasts four to five hours. This is a fundamental factor of concern especially for travelers who seek free accommodation in places with no power yet they want to use their laptops.
  • Storage – Especially for nomads who use Laptops for business purposes, you will need to have sufficient memory storage on your laptop to serve your data storage. You can also find adequate space to store movies, music and other entertainment materials.
  • Processing power – this is the fuel for the laptop. Your laptop will need to have a processing power which can process efficiently. For example, you are waiting for an important email and your laptop is processing very slow, you will have to wait for some time. Processing power can also affect Wifi or data connectivity which may ruin your entire activities.
  • Operating system – this is the system that is running the computer programs. There is a variety of operating systems with some of them which are modern and some which may hinder efficient running of the programs. You will need an operating system that is efficient.


In conclusion, the three critical points mentioned lastly, i.e., the storage; the operating system and the processing power of a laptop go hand in hand. For your laptop to have an advanced operating system or operating power you will need sufficient space to run every operation smoothly and avoid hanging.

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