Outsourcing: Is It a Trade Or a Taboo?

Outsourcing: Is It a Trade Or a Taboo?

Outsource Technology has become a growing topic of conversation among several businesses who aim to carve their own way but choose not to drift along. But the situation is still a bit of a yin-yang! Many of you find the term “Outsourcing” a bit dirty in the software development space especially when you get to hear stories about people who tried to develop products with outsourced developers (or if you’ve tried it yourself), you probably know how cumbersome and frustrating it can be.

Whether you are thinking of developing software products overseas or with external teams, I find it one of the least profitable ways of creating a software as the code needs to be written in such a way that it can be rewritten in later stages. However, it may quite interest you to know the fact that with appropriate management, communication, and strategy, outsourced development can be highly profitable. Being a quite taboo subject, you will come across a wide range of fears surrounding the topic of digital outsourcing but that doesn’t mean they cannot be alleviated. Down below I would like to mention a few concerns regarding outsource development and how to mitigate them.

Hidden costs

I have come across several businesses who have expressed their concerns about the hidden costs associated with outsourcing. Hidden cost is nothing but the money wasted on unproductive operations aboard. For example, money lost due to cultural differences, transition-related costs like a temporary decrease in productivity and the costs of managing the outsourced team. To avoid such scenarios, you can work by communicating well. I mean having informal communication on the daily basis with your aboard team, schedule teleconferences or meetings regularly to discuss larger issues that might be hindering productivity or cohesion. By doing this you will get closer to the aboard team in no time.

Apart from this, extra costs can be reduced by planning ahead. What I mean is try establishing clear productivity and team-building goals or you can even have the outsourced team commit to accomplishing those goals within a set period of time.

Selecting the wrong professional

Another fear is the fear of hiring a guy who is unfit for the project. There is only one solution to this issue, i.e. choose your vendor wisely. Instead of looking around for cheapest services, look into their experience, success metrix, testimonials and potential language barriers. Also, ensure that the vendor will be willing to work within stipulated time and budget.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to switch! Do you know which the best part of outsourcing development is? It opens the door to many viable options. For example, in case if you are unsatisfied with the work product of your outsourced team, you can easily find another team for a comparable, or even lower, price.


Last but certainly not the least, security is the main concern for both developers as well as the organization. Choose professionals who are capable enough to meet the certification requirements. Don’t forget to look for past incidents regarding client security. How did the vendor handle it? Etc.

Every coin has two sides…

So these were some of the major fears of hiring services of a reputable outsource development company but have you ever wondered why outsourcing could perfectly make sense in the current era of digitalization.

It’s Time to get over the Taboo!

Here I would like to shed some light on a few of amazing things that outsourcing development makes possible. So, just hang in there!

Cost savings

Outsourcing makes sense when you are thinking about cutting costs while reducing the workload on the employee. By doing this one can save up to 90% than the same labor performed in-house in Western Europe or North America, particularly for low-level tasks. Gone are the days when you required to make any upfront investment to make development project more attractive.

Time savings

The entire procedure of software development takes less time when people are working on your applications all day long. Which also means that you get to market your product more quickly than your competition can.

Lack of in-house experience

There are times when internal resources of the company are not enough to globalize the company’s business. This is the time when by outsourcing software development you can bring new dimensions, ideas, and innovations for business growth. In fact, applications created in such environment will be more sound and systematic for an overall performance.


The moment you think of the word outsource, you don’t need to spend time in recruiting, hiring, training and housing employees, especially for short-term projects.

Technological Advances

Technology has taken off in a big way in different countries of the world. Due to which companies thriving to gain competitive advantage have started chasing all the latest outsourcing trends and hiring nothing but the best, be it on-shore or offshore.

So this is it! Overall, I personally feel that outsourcing development makes a lot of sense especially when you are thinking of maximizing profit within no time.

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