4 Safety Products That Use Gadgetry and New Tech

4 Safety Products That Use Gadgetry and New Tech

One of the innovative ways that people and companies use new gadgetry and technology is for safety purposes. Yes, that’s right. A technologically savvy world is a safer world. And any person, industry, brand, or corporation that can use that idea to their advantage should do so in the near future so that they can claim the high ground in any upcoming moral business battles.

A few examples, consider photoluminescent exit signs, new car safety features, specialized drones that are now incorporated into different safety activities, and non-lethal crowd control technology for law enforcement. Because we’ve all seen how often people choose to riot these days.

Photoluminescent Exit Signs

If you’re at all familiar with photoluminescence, it’s basically a characteristic of things that absorb sunlight during the day, and then emit a glow when it’s dark out. A few companies have done something brilliant and created photoluminescent exit signs to replace the typical battery-powered ones. In terms of cost, installation requirements, and effectiveness, the new photoluminescent versions are exponentially better than the old styles. If power fails during an emergency, and the backup generator doesn’t work either, then those battery-powered exit signs that are all important are going to be just as black as everything else. With photoluminescent versions, this problem is alleviated.

Car Safety Features

Car accidents are a major problem. People just really aren’t that good at driving. And catastrophic financial damage and death are often the results. That’s why you should welcome the new tech-happy car safety features that are being installed on a lot of the latest models of vehicle. On our way into the self-driving car age, the new safety features that involve proximity sensors or automated breaking returning are literal lifesavers.

Specialized Drones

Drones aren’t just for entertainment. Companies are now adapting them to help with safety situations. As an example, drones are being sent out on occasions where a person might be drowning. With a good drone operator, that person’s life could be saved, and there would be no way to get a boat or other safety device out there in time to prevent this tragedy. Other types of drones can be used to help with search and rescue missions as well.

Non-Lethal Crowd Control for Law Enforcement

And finally, new tech is constantly being developed along with new gadgetry to help with non-lethal crowd control. Because everybody loves a protest these days, law enforcement can be at a distinct disadvantage if they don’t have the right tools to keep everything contained. By using technology for non-lethal purposes, people can get all the protesting that they want out of their systems, and law enforcement will end up killing anyone trying to keep the peace.

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