The Android Smartphone Industry: Know All About It

The Android Smartphone Industry: Know All About It

Android first made its debut in 2008, when it was introduced, or rather launched and was considered a poor imitation to the much more stylish iOS/Apple devices. However, its popularity grew exponentially, thanks to the booming smartphone industry that saw the creation of diverse handsets to quell the need for price-conscious, practical, as well as the fashion-conscious tech-hungry consumers.

Presently, major smartphone companies incorporate Android OS and the annual sales of these devices are increasing every year, with more and more people embracing smartphone technology that is cheaper, practical and also versatile.

A Revolution in the Software Development Industry

In software development, the most rewarding tasks involve developing Android applications. Merely, neatly designing a prototype, and then running it as well as wiring it up to become a fully-fledged app is indeed an exciting and extraordinary feat that is rewarding.

Numerous reasons exist behind the significant growth and burgeoning popularity of android app development. However, the major one being, the Android platform is free and open. A free and open platform tend to pull people towards it, just like free goods and services and here is where Android rose to the floor down existing giants, iOS, which dominated the scenes back then.

A free and open platform also means, you don’t require anyone’s permission, more so from a giant corporation to develop apps that will run on that platform. This is also a factor that has catapulted Android to succeed. All the more, well-established markets like Google, Amazon as well as other smaller markets fuel the rockets of Android success by partnering with android app developers. As it seems, nothing can stop Android.

Developing Android apps is a highly skillful and successful venture, more so with the increasing CPU and GPU computing powers, the Android operating system itself will constantly evolve to incorporate these advancing technological attributes.

Behind the scenes, Android also works on Linux based Operating system (OS) and developers use the dynamic and versatile Java Programming Language to make android apps.  Java imbues android with object-oriented features, secure environment, and robust design.

Personal Nature of Android Smartphones

Android smartphones also gained track because, to consumers, they appeared more personal, i.e., the user has total control over his/her device. Compared to other smartphone operating systems that limit user control, Android smartphones provide 100% freedom to the user to play around with.

Key Facts of the Android Smartphone Industry

As mentioned earlier the Android smartphone industry has experienced a major boom over the subsequent years. Other key facts include:

  • In a 2017, end of the year statistic, about 75.9% of all smartphones were running on the Android operating system. This is by far a huge number compared to other giants in the field.
  • In the US, 48.3% of all active smartphones are Android. This roughly translates to 125M and China is the number 1 market for Android smartphones with over 730M active smartphones.

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