What Are the Best Websites and Apps That Help Businesses

What Are the Best Websites and Apps That Help Businesses

Now a day, Online apps and websites have crept in the businesses and the boardrooms in great way, simply competing offline tasks and also attaining popularity as the time passes. But it is important to understand that what are the apps and websites that will make your business highly productive and also much efficient? With several platforms to pick from, it may also be quite tricky and difficult to also find great tools to make the life simpler.

We have assembled the entire list of many popular and vital apps and websites and hence you don’t need to waste the time looking for a store, and also added some great alternatives when our suggestions do not meet the needs of client.

Smart phones always are regarded as the Smart for the reason and this is because they offer the multitude of the features which may also be used to always get many things that are done right on the phone. These tools will help you to work in a faster, smarter and to also get things processed quite efficiently.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word may be used on tablet and Android phone to create, to view, to edit, and also to share the work files. You may even edit the Word docs which may also come through the email and also making the PDFs. The users of Office 365 can also connect the accounts for the collaboration of real-time and cloud storage. When this app works, you may consider downloading apps which are stand-alone for Excel, One Note and PowerPoint.

Google Drive

Google Drive is wonderful option that helps to store the files and the documents online, hence they get backed up and also accessible from any place on the Android device with the high speed of internet connection. Each edit that you make in the document of Google Drive will automatically backs. When you are the user of G Suite, consider downloading productivity apps which tie with Drive, such as sheets, Photos, Docs and Slides.


Skype for the Android has lately experienced quite bit of the design renovate, just like the desktop counterpart. The messaging with the feature that supports sharing of the complete range of the content, that includes videos, photos and voice messages, though the add-ins also mean you may also share the content directly in application devoid of leaving and even opening up of other app.


QuickBooks provide the solid tool of accounting to assist you and track and also manage the finances. This Android app is not a complete featured with the mobile version of QuickBooks of the desktop application; here you need to think about that it as the app of mobile companion having some useful tools that could help you to track the sales, send the invoices and also review the latest payments while you’re far away from office. It needs a subscription of QuickBooks, but with the free trial of 30-day is also available. Hence you can buy this app when you are satisfied with the features of the app.

Freelancing Websites

These days, the Internet is flush with websites designed to benefit freelancers and solo entrepreneurs. Even though many websites and apps promise you the world, not all of them deliver equally.

As a freelancer, your time is the most precious asset you have, so when you do invest the time and money into accessing a promising website, you need to make sure it measures up.

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