5 Tips to Develop A Website That Delivers Great User Experience

5 Tips to Develop A Website That Delivers Great User Experience

When it comes to website design, what matters is user experience. It is imperative that your business’ website is designed in such a way that all users who check out the website are able to use it with ease. The site should be easy to navigate. And if you are planning to design a website of your own very soon, then do ensure that you follow these five tips so as to deliver a great user experience to your website visitors.

Page Load Speed

The first thing you have to consider is the page load speed. No matter how well designed a website is, if it takes too long to load, the website is a failure from the perspective of user experience. The user will only get irritated at the long waiting time and is very likely to close your website. It is estimated that a website must load within about 3 seconds of a user hitting the URL on the search bar. Anything more than that is risky. In fact, some research highlight that a website can lose more than 80% of its visitors if its loading gets delayed by two seconds or more. So, whether you are hiring Rogue Media or any other agency to develop a website be sure to instruct them to make your website load within two to three seconds in all types of devices.

Element Space

Make sure that the elements in a web page have enough space between them. If they are too close, then the user might have difficulty understanding the website. For example, if a bunch of images and text are too close to each other with literally no space between them, then the visitor is likely to get their eyes strained while trying to read the text and the image content. In addition, depending on the device on which the website is loaded, these elements can even overlap with one another and make it almost impossible for a visitor to understand them. As such, always ensure that all elements are properly spaced out and that a user can easily read the content inside each and every element.


An easy way to deliver a great user experience to visitors is to add some interactive content to your website. Because the visitor has to engage with the webpage, they will be more focused and involved with the website. For example, suppose that you need to show five of your products on your business website. You can do it the regular way, and just list out the five images and associated text content. However, you can choose to show the products in an interactive manner by creating a slider with thee five products. And since the user will have to click through the slider to see each of these products, they will be more engaged with the website. Just make sure that you make the animations as smooth as possible. If the animation or transition in the website is jarring, then the user will inevitably lose interest and close the webpage.

Search Box

Always have a search box on your website. This is something that man businesses overlook. And from the viewpoint of user experience, this is a bad practice. Not all users are comfortable seeking out links that match their interest. Instead, many will choose to just type in their interest in a search box and then click the results. For example, if a user is looking for information about product X’s specification, then they might have to click through multiple links to arrive at the relevant page. In contrast, if the website has a search box, then a user will only have to type in the term ‘X specifications’ in it and then click the first link that appears. This obviously will be far more preferable to some people.

Mobile Friendly

Finally, be sure to optimize your website for mobiles. Ideally, make the website responsive. This will enable the website to adapt to any device automatically so that all users can read the contents in the best possible way. Search engines like Google are also looking at the mobile-friendliness of a website when determining its rank. If your website is too glitchy when being accessed through a smartphone, then you will lose out on tons of visitors who will simply choose to avoid visiting your website because of one bad experience. So, ensure that your website can easily be accessed through mobiles and tablets.

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