Some Helpful Lead Generation Strategies for Startups

Starting and managing a startup business is not an easy affair. One needs to work day-in and day-out to handle various things such as building and growing your business, developing products & services, scouting investors to fund your business, reaching out potential customers, generating new leads, and so on.

Initially, for a startup to grow, it’s important to attract potential new customers. But for a startup entrepreneur to handle different tasks single-handedly will ultimately result in paying less attention to consumers.

The customer relationship management (CRM) software benefits startup businesses to automate repetitive manual processes, collect and store customer contacts, track social conversations, generate sales reports, organize marketing campaigns, monitor team’s performance, nurture and collect potential leads, etc.

Here are a few lead generation strategies for startups using the CRM system:

1. Nurture Your Potential Leads

Capturing leads is the first step in the lead generation process however you will need to nurture those potential leads in order to build trust and a personalized relationship with those clients. Utilizing a customer relationship management (CRM) software helps to nurture your potential leads. By using the CRM tool throughout the lead nurturing process will help you to monitor and track important information about each lead, sort and rank the leads based on lead scoring techniques, and get a comprehensive picture of the quality of leads.

Once you have sorted, ranked, and learned about the quality of each of your leads; now it’s time to begin with the lead nurturing process. The lead nurturing stage doesn’t mean giving the lead a cold call or an email. It means developing highly personalized relationships with lead contacts which can ultimately turn into sales over time.

2. Focus On Existing Customers

For a startup business, current customers are strength because they believe in you, trust your brand, and re-subscribe to your services. Retaining your existing customers and asking them for referrals will help your brand to generate new leads.

Don’t hesitate to ask your existing customers to refer your brand to their friends and neighbors. Take advantage of the CRM system and make a list of your existing customers, send them a personalized message and request them to refer your brand to their friends, family members, and colleagues. You can even offer special discount coupons to your existing customers for referring new customers to your business.

3. Provides Valuable Customer Insights

Customer Analytics is an important element to process and nurture your leads. The CRM software is the best tool for startups to collect and store complete information about each prospective customer. It provides deeper analysis of customer behavior patterns, purchase histories, past purchases, interests, hobbies, personal information, digital foot print analysis, social behavior, number of times a user visited your website, and so on in real time.

The collected customer data can be used in lead nurturing and lead generation stages, acquire more sales-ready leads, create new marketing campaigns to increase brand visibility, predict business growth initiatives, and make better business decisions.

Leads are highly important for startup growth and CRM software is the best solution for startup companies to generate and nurture leads in a simplified process. Purchase an affordable cloud-based CRM solution to rapidly grow your business.

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