The Pros and Cons of Color Inkjet Printers

The Pros and Cons of Color Inkjet Printers

Color inkjet printers are the most common types of printers. They are what we typically use for everyday printing purposes, and there are a lot of different models of these printers. But like any other printing device, the inkjet has advantages and disadvantages that are worth considering before you make your purchase.

Pros of Color Inkjet Printers


One of the best things about color inkjet printers is the versatility. Inkjet is the oldest mechanism used for printing, and as technology developed, so did this mechanism. Today, there are many different types of inkjet printers. There are inkjets for everyday printing purposes, photo printing, office printing, multifunction with copy, scan, and fax, large format printing, graphic arts printing, and many other special printing purposes. Some printers are designed for particular use, like wide format printers for printing banners and posters and compact photo printers for printing 5’’ x 7’’ and 4’’ x 6’’ photos. With the wide array of choices that you have in color inkjet printers, you should have no trouble finding a model that suits all your needs.


Another great advantage of color inkjet printers is the size. Inkjets are commonly compact in size, and even the bigger models are still handy enough to be carried from one location to another. Most inkjets are easy to place on any tabletop or desktop, and there are also compact inkjets which are easily portable.


Inkjets are also relatively cheaper. You can get an inkjet printer for as cheap as $30 from a well-known brand, while the cheapest laser printer generally ranges from around $100 and up, and this isn’t even for a color printer, which costs much more. Therefore, if you’re not looking for a high-quality printer but just a good enough printer for personal use, inkjets are a smart buy.


Inkjets are also quieter to operate than laser printers, making them more comfortable to work with in a public workplace like an office, internet café, or a common area at home. And because of their small size and simple printing mechanism, the energy consumption of inkjets is lower than that of lasers.

Cons of Color Inkjet Printers


The biggest problem with inkjets is the printing mechanism or the nozzle. Because it makes use of nozzles, inkjets can be prone to printing problems like smearing, extra colors, incorrect color combinations, and other graphic dysfunctions. For this, an inkjet printer requires constant maintenance and the nozzles should be cleaned periodically to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Cost of Ink

Another disadvantage of inkjet printers is the high ink cost according to printer review website at This is often considered a marketing strategy of printer manufacturers. Since inkjet printers are inexpensive, printer manufacturers earn their major profits from the ink of these printers which require frequent changing. As for laser printers, the cost of the device is relatively big but the ink is very long-lasting, so it requires less ink replacements.


Laser printers are also faster in printing, especially when printing in full color. Inkjet printers can be very slow and take several minutes before they completely print out a single borderless letter size photo or colored image.


It’s also common for inkjet printouts to smear when you touch them as soon as they come out. This is because of the ink droplets which require drying for several seconds before the color is completely absorbed by paper. There are other factors that affect this, like the quality of paper and the ink used, but generally, most printouts from inkjet printers can be smeared.


Even though color inkjet printers have a lot of disadvantages, they are still the most popular printers. This is because, despite their imperfections, inkjets are quite functional and deliver satisfactory results when it comes to everyday personal, business, and professional use.

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