Designed To Sell: Website Building Tips For Entrepreneurs

Designed To Sell: Website Building Tips For Entrepreneurs

Building a website that works is a time-consuming process for the designer.  Even though you probably understand the basics of framing out a general shell of a website, you may need a little work on the details.

Societies eyes seek out a host of information, and your site must fulfill the needs of web users, first and foremost.  Take some time now to invest in your design future, and check out a few features and website building tips that work in business web design.

Research the ins and outs of SEO

Search engine optimization is a foundational collection of information regarding the race to the top of the search engine results pages (or SERPs).  The top listing in the SERPs is clearly a more successful web entry than the last entry.

Learn how to optimize the information and build of your website to rank higher on popular search engines like Google and Bing.  Ranking higher in the SERPs will always result in more web traffic for your website, so the information is worth the investment of time.

Ease of navigation matters

Make it easy for web users to get around the map of your website.  People want to have the ability to return to the homepage on a whim or find some interesting piece of information they ran across four clicks ago.

Try adding a navigation bar across the top of your design that is stationary no matter where you are on the map.  Here is a great visual example of a nicely designed navigation feature.  The bar is standard throughout the whole of the website.

Incorporate social media into your design

Whenever possible and pleasing to the design, make social media buttons accessible to visitors.  People need the ability to share on a whim, as culture has turned us all into creatures of instant gratification.

Your blog posts, your products and services, and even your homepage should have a share button for all of the major social media outlets.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are a few basic buttons you should include.

Mobile optimization of the design is vital

The times have progressed to the point where people are no longer frequenting their PCs and laptops as often as they are frequenting their mobile devices.

More people access the internet from some form of mobile device every day than those who are browsing from their PC or laptop, so you have to build your website to cater to that population of web users.  Research what it takes to optimize your design for a mobile screen, and make implementation a priority.

Encourage communication from web users

Just as often as you implement the reminder of social media sharing buttons, you should implement some form of plea for communication.  Keep in touch with the mind of the many, and you will always be better off in the business world.

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