Amazon International Orders Made Easy

Amazon International Orders Made Easy

To order from abroad can be an uphill task, but not with Amazon. Amazon is making everything easier for their customer base. To browse through Amazon in your own convenient language, isn’t that fun? Now in Amazon, shopping in your language becomes smooth with the incorporation of five languages.

You get to browse through Amazon in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Chinese. The delivery to a lot of places through Amazon US website has been made possible. Order from anywhere and Amazon makes sure you get your products delivered without any delay. Under unavoidable circumstances customers are notified and amendments are made.

As an added advantage, you no longer need to search through products to know which ones ship to your country. You can use filters for that and products that ship to your location are right in front of your eyes.

This new feature simplifies Amazon in so many different ways. People who love Amazon but are unable to use it because of the absence of a local Amazon website can now be highly benefited. The new filters are so also quite simple and need no explanation.  Just make sure you enter your shipping details correctly and then you can sit back and relax, till the delivery personnel knocks your door.

How is this new feature accessible?

The feature will be made available for now only through mobile apps. This new shopping feature rolls out for both Android and iOS users but for people not using apps will have to wait a little longer as to when you can access the same through Amazon’s website.

Can you use coupons for international orders?

This new feature might come as a surprise to people and they might be wondering whether the Amazon coupons available on Amazon’s website can be applied to these orders. To your relief, yes you can add coupons to your ordered products if they have any. Also, any deal available on the website is automatically activated at checkout and you needn’t bother much.

You can also check some latest Amazon Promo code (s), and make sure you purchase saves you some bucks.

Who will be most benefited?

The people who will be enjoying this feature the most will be the ones with no local Amazon website, however, for the ones shopping from countries that do have their website can also be happy with this addition. Some of the products that US retailer ships and delivers are not available in other local websites. So you don’t have to compromise while shopping at Amazon. Enjoy shopping.

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