Top Tips for Choosing the Best Storage Company

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Storage Company

When you are putting your possessions into a self-storage facility, it is vital for you to know that they are in safe hands for you to be able to enjoy peace of mind. Typically, most self-storage facilities offer you similar services, but you need to be clear about what you need to you can find the right fit. There are different factors that you have to consider like whether you need long-term or temporary storage, if you plan to share the facility with friends or family and whether there are restrictions on items that can be stored. Therefore, you need to do some research before you opt for a storage company.

Outlined below are some simple tips that can help you in choosing the best storage company:


This is paramount, especially for first-time users of storage facilities, because you want your belongings to be safe and secure with a service you can trust. Most facilities usually have security cameras in place for providing optimum security, but you need to ask if the cameras are monitored and if they are on throughout the day or not. Also check the procedure they follow for granting access, whether they have a manned reception or you have to enter a PIN code. Likewise, the door of the unit itself should be sturdy and not broken easily.


When you are in the market for a self-storage facility, going for a low-priced one may not always be a wise decision. You need to ask them to guide you about the overall cost, which also includes the deposit fee. Moreover, the price you are willing to pay can also depend on the valuables you intend to store; if the possessions are expensive, you should opt for a secure facility, even if it is highly priced. You can also find reasonably priced storage companies that can offer you the best of both worlds such as this storage company near Bergen County so you don’t have to worry about your belongings.


Even though it seems rather obvious, a lot of people don’t actually think of the size of the storage unit they are considering. Again, the choice of size can depend on the items you wish to store in the facility. In addition, you may opt to get a slightly larger unit in case you want to add onto the things you are already keeping in it. It is always best to think long-term because switching units is no easy task and can cause a lot of hassle you wish to avoid.


The location of the facility can also be important to some people, depending on how frequently they plan on visiting. If you are keeping items that you only need seasonally, you may be willing to opt for a company that’s located at a distance from your home. But, if you have kept things that you need frequently like monthly or even on weekends, it is best to go with one that’s near you.

Consider these tips and make the right choice for you.

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