11 Effective Ways to Boost Attendee Engagement at Your Next Event

11 Effective Ways to Boost Attendee Engagement at Your Next Event

A successful event based on the engagement of the attendees. The numbers of the audience are just the hype for the people. The more you get engage your audience the more you get desired results. An event give the people a platform where they give their opinions and connect them with the highly professional speakers.

Not only during, but especially before and after an event, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to engage your attendees. The speakers keep the momentum according to the engagement and sentiment of the attendees which give them better experience. Here we will discuss how you can enhance the engagement of the audience for the next event and what the effective ways to achieve it are. But we all forget some key points when it comes to boost the audience engagement.

Firstly, we all work on the agenda that how can we engage the attendees during the event but we ignore to engage them before and after the event. Secondly, we engage them with the event agenda. If you need to engage well to your attendee then build community before event and motivate them. Post engagement is a great way to make stronger your relationship with the audience and makes them think about to attend your next event. In this article, we will give you some useful tips to achieve your goal to make your next event more successful than ever. These tips will boost the engagement of your audience before and after the event.

How to enhance attendee engagement at your next event?

Here we will categorize the event in three main parts that how can we enhance the attendee engagement at your next event i.e. pre event, during the event and post event.


Publish a Blog Post

Create a pre-event buzz by blogging your upcoming event. It allow the people to learn about the necessary information of the event such as kiosk exhibitors, session time, lunch break, keynotes and parties. You can also link your blog with the event registration landing page to get more registration and traffic.

Charismatic Speakers

Speaker of the event should charismatic and knowledgeable person because a speaker can make the event successful. Speaker engage the audience with his knowledge and through a Q&A session during the event. If your speakers have no potential then the chances of the audience engagement can be decreased. You should provide the too much information and main agenda of the event to your key speaker to encourage the participation of the audience. Prepare the promo or trailer of the speech of key speaker before the event to create more buzz.

Twitter Hashtag

Create twitter hashtag of your event for pre-event and during the event to grab the attention of the marketer and people. Hashtag tweet will promote your business and you will receive two times more engagement with it. Encourage people to retweet your tweets to get more engagement and more people will talk about your event. Continue to follow this tip after it’s over.

Room Design

If you want to peak audience interaction and engagement then concentrate on the diagramming and designing of the room. Organize the room tactically to ensure cognitive engagement of the attendees. You must make wise decisions to positioning audience at a table.

Unique Seating Layouts

Change the traditional seating layouts with some unique seating layouts ideas that can boost your event’s engagement and encourage interaction. Choose that layout what you need and remember the event’s content. Try simple but effective seating layouts for audience such round tables. This seating layout can help the audience to interact with others and the speakers.

During the Event:

Live Polls

You must create a live poll during the session using the keynotes of the speakers. In that way, marketer will collect the data that can be influenced for the upcoming events. Live polls will make the session more interactive.

Interact with the Audience

Use event technology and event software to interact with your audience to enhance communication. Audience engagement tool can improve the communication too. You must involve your audience by curating and collecting the question. Capture your attendees’ attention by collecting feedback from attendees and use that information to make better the event if needed.

Use Facebook Live & Snapchat Geofilters

Take benefit of real-time data and use Facebook live and snapchat geofilters. Cut the edge visualization techniques and compelling creative to stimulate engagement. Snapchat is offering a feature ‘snapchat geofilter’ that is brand appropriate. You can check on the snapchat using this feature what your audience is posting on Snapchat. You can use it as inspiration. Host a Questions and answers session during the event and promote it on your social media pages that will increase brand awareness.

Give Special Benefits

Give your audience a discount if they sign up for your product when they visiting your booth or during the event. Give them celebrity status after parties and free product consultations. These perks will compel them to take interest and learn more about your brand.


Send Out Surveys

Ask survey questions after the event including that type of question such as “Was this event useful?” “Was this session informative?” “What changes do you want for next event?” These question will improve your upcoming event and enhance the chance of more attendees for future event. This act will show extreme care about their feedback.

Send Thank You Emails

Thank you email is a perfect way to engage the audience for the future event after the session is over. Send a thank you email to the most engage attendee and tell them how great it was to learn about their opinions and meet them at the event. Make connection by showing them we can help to solve your complex problems to increase the engagement. In that way, event will keep alive in their minds and they will attend your next event.


We hope that these useful before and after tips assist you to make your next event more engaging and successful! By following these effective techniques for increasing the audience engagement, you can have an impressive event experience. So, if you are searching for an attendees engagement tools and apps for your next event then iPad rentals for corporate events is the perfect option for you.

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