7 Tips Men Should Keep In Mind During Divorce

7 Tips Men Should Keep In Mind During Divorce

Divorce can be pretty hard on men. Not only is there a real threat of losing half your hard earned wealth, you may also be ordered to financially support your wife for several years. And to make matters worse, your children will be taken away from you and put in the custody of their mothers. To help you see through the divorce proceedings, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Alimony

One of the biggest conflict points of a divorce will be alimony. In most cases, women who ask for alimony will get courts to agree in their favor. As such, you should be wary of this before initiating divorce proceedings. It is better not to fight with your spouse too much during the divorce as it can create feelings of hatred and make them demand more. Instead, be neutral with them. In case you are the unemployed one in the relationship, you stand a chance to get your spouse to pay alimony to you. And if you have a child to whom you were the primary caregiver, then the chances of you receiving alimony is very strong.

2. Children As Leverage

In a divorce, the court usually considers the mother as the natural guardian. Hence, you should know that your spouse will likely use children as leverage in a divorce. They might threaten to cut you off from ever seeing your kids if you don’t provide the wealth and alimony the spouse demands. So, be sure to use any evidence you have against your spouse to avoid losing the custody of your children. If your spouse is alcoholic and you can prove that they have physically abused your children in an intoxicated state, you can easily swing the custody battle in your favor.

3. Check With Multiple Lawyers

Make sure that you check out with multiple lawyers before deciding on whom to represent you. Just because you know a lawyer does not mean that you hire them. The experience and track record of the lawyer is of immense importance. Remember that losing the case can cost you half your wealth and lifelong alimony. To avoid such unfortunate things, you should only hire the best of the best like hoglefamilylaw.com.

4. Consider The Time You Will Spend On The Case

Talk with your lawyer and get an estimate of how long the case is going to drag. Depending on the time period, you may have to decide to compromise on your position. For example, if the lawyer believes that the case will drag on too long, then it would mean that you will have to spend a lot of time in court and bear heavy attorney costs. As such, the best decision in such circumstances will be to simply come to a mutual agreement with your spouse even if you have to share an extra portion of your wealth with them.

5. Lying About Finances

Never ever lie about your finances with your lawyer or to the court. If the opposition attorney were to prove that you actually lied about your wealth and that you have more money than you have stated, then you will lose all credibility in front of the court. The judge and the jury will have a difficult time believing your statements. You may even be asked to share a larger portion of your wealth with your spouse as some kind of ‘punishment’ for misrepresenting your true financial situation.

6. Removing Insurance Beneficiary

Many men make the mistake of removing their spouse from the shared car or health insurance they have. This is a bad decision. If your spouse learns about this, her attorney can easily ask the court to prevent you from cutting her off from insurance. And guess what – the court will likely agree on the basis that the wife needs insurance protection. They will also see you as some kind of a ‘jerk’ for throwing out your spouse from insurance cover. As such, it is highly recommended that you only terminate the insurance for your spouse after the divorce is settled or nearing settlement.

7. Avoid Spending Too Much

Finally, avoid spending too much money on buying new things while divorce proceedings are going on. If the opposition attorney finds out about this, they can create a bad impression about you and the court might see your splurge as some sign of hidden wealth. As a consequence, they might become stricter when dividing your assets between you and your spouse. So, do yourself a favor and stay away from overspending while divorcing your wife.

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