Opportunities Industrial Internet Give Programmers

There is something innate, built in to human nature, to continue to progress, to innovate, to build on what you’ve got, to develop something better, brighter, shinier. We’ve done it since the dawn of time. We’ve never stopped exploring or experimenting. We’re always seeking to learn more about our world, about ourselves, and about how we can do things better. It is a unique trait that makes humanity such a power species.

Humanity’s insatiable desire to do more, differently, and better. Whilst we’ve come far from the caves, and the crude Kingdoms, and birth of industry, we are still moving ever forward. The industrial revolution and the conception of the internet wasn’t enough – we now stand on the brink of the next development.

The advancement of the internet has led to the forging of the new “internet of things” – a phenomena whereby an increasing number of objects are connected to the internet and to each other, allowing the quick transmission and sharing of information and data. Just as with the developments that came before, this new development gives us more opportunities to change our lives and our world.

Traditional industry is beginning to embrace the internet of things, and there is an increasing combination of old and new technology, to develop exciting and fresh new methods which will be far more efficient, effective, and productive, increasing industrial, which will benefit consumers, with cheaper goods, workers, with increasing profits and less intensive labour, and the economy, with growing productivity.

This has become known as the industrial internet of things, and is widely regarded as the next great economic revolution. And one can see why. We know the good that the internet has done for all of us, in so many different ways, making all areas of life quicker and easier. Thus, deploying that technology, and Internet of Things technology, to industry, will have a similar effect.

This coming economic revolution holds the potential for a big role for the tech savvy – the engineers, the programmers, the cyber-security experts. These are the people who will be at the heart of forging new, safe, and productive cyber-industry, that does what it needs to effectively and well.

It is thought that the industrial internet of things will be worth between 10 and 15 trillion US dollars by 2030 and will contribute more to the world economy than the current output of any country except the US and China. That is an insane amount of money we’re talking about, and a gigantic market. That is where the new opportunities lie for business, and for those with technological skills.

The promising and exciting thing for programmers who might want to get in that game and work for their cut of the burgeoning industry, is that the coding language needed for internet of things technology, is awfully similar to that used for ordinary desktop computers, making the transition from one to the other extremely straightforward. A flexible enough programmer should have no problem getting involved in the industrial Internet of Things, and that presents coders with ample opportunity.

A whole range of industries, including power and energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, aviation, and others will be transformed by the growth of machine to machine communication, as part of the internet of things, with up to 46% of the global economy due to benefit from the new technologies.

So, this next great industrial and economic transformation will have far-reaching consequences, and benefits, for brave businesses, and every community, it also holds fantastic new ways for programmes to be successful, and to carve out a role. It’s a very good time to work in the technology industry.

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