Own It! – Bring Your Brand to Life from a Serviced Office

Own It! - Bring Your Brand to Life from a Serviced Office

The serviced office has been a part of the business landscape for years. While the furnishings have changed and so have some of the buildings, the mission is still the same for many – to bring quality office space to average business. More than just spaces, these offices have been the beginning of some of the greatest innovations of this time.

The serviced office, to clarify, is an office leasing option that provides businesses with furnished office space. The benefit of this type of lease to the consumer is it provides businesses with affordable office leasing in some of the more prestigious locations in the city, in this case, Kuala Lumpur. To see how many of these offices work, please click on the following link http://www.servcorp.com.my/en/serviced-offices/. The serviced office, however, more than saving you money can help you boost your brand.

Continue reading to find out how you can leverage your brand through the use of a serviced office.

Judging The Cover

One myth about the serviced office industry is by operating in a serviced office, you in many ways interfere with your brand’s image. The opposite is true. In fact, because many virtual offices are in centrally located places they benefit from the prestige that goes along with being in some of the more affluent areas. The virtual office can present your brand with a professional, even polished, image. While trendier spaces convey a certain edginess, your serviced office will always present a consistently professional image to the public.

Holding Events

In addition to presenting a polished image to the public, the serviced office can perform a number of functions in getting the press out there about your idea. A lot of branding relates to how the public perceives your product not so much about the offices in which you belong. One of the ways that you can shape public perception of your product is to use the serviced office and the tools that go along with leasing a serviced office.

Meeting rooms and conference rooms are some of the amenities that go along with leasing the serviced office. These rooms can be used for a variety of events including networking ones that introduce your product to other members of the business community. These suggestions are just a few ways the serviced office can aid in promoting your brand.

Inviting The Community

In addition to using meeting and conference rooms to hold events for possible business contacts, have an open house where you feature the best of the best in the types of products you sell. If you are selling cooking utensils, one of the best ways to show the public that your product is a quality product is to invite people to cooking demonstrations. If you are selling clothing, transform one of these rooms into a room set up for a fashion show and show the public the clothes. By doing this, you accomplish the goal of developing a relationship with the public, which is one of the major tasks involved with establishing the brand.

Master Social Media Public Relations

As a part of establishing your brand with the public, use social media to your advantage. Many serviced offices come with exceptional IT services that can be used from anywhere. While traditional public relations activities still exist, most people are connecting to, and getting their information from, social media sites. Here, your clients can get a better picture of the type of brand you want them to connect to.

Establishing Your Brand With The Serviced Office

The serviced office has many functions in helping you develop your brand. In fact, with all of the amenities that come with these plans, your public relations platform can encompass a number of activities. In addition to conveying a professional image to the public, your serviced office can help establish your brand in the public arena.


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