The Impact of Laptop Use on Student Achievement

The Impact of Laptop Use on Student Achievement

In the last few decades, there has been considerable technological advancement. We have watched technology integrate itself into every aspect and it has definitely improved things for the better in a number of ways. One such field is education.

Educators and parents have always been in search of new learning tools for helping students during the learning process, which eventually aids them in reaching their academic potential. The various advances in technology has helped in doing exactly that because they have been used as instructional tools for enhancing student learning and outcomes. Educational practitioners are using a number of these tools, but the most prominent one is the laptop.

Laptops were developed as a portable alternative to desktop computers and have come a long way since then. These days, the thinnest laptops are the most powerful and can be used for performing almost all tasks that you would normally do on regular desktop computers. You can easily find coupon codes online to get a thin laptop on discount. Substantial research was conducted and it was revealed that laptops could prove to be a very useful instructional tool for students. Therefore, different schools experimented by providing students with a laptop for facilitating learning. Doing so brought about a number of positive impacts on student achievement. In fact, studies showed that students using laptop were better than their non-laptop using counterparts. How?

Listed below are some of the ways that students were able to benefit through laptop use and were able to achieve their goals:

Laptops provide access to information

One of the biggest perks of laptop use is that it gives students access to a world of information. Gone are the days when knowledge was just restricted to the books that could be found in the library or in school. Now, students can read thousands of books easily and this not only increases their knowledge, but also improves their research analysis skills.

Laptops promote collaboration

Another positive impact of laptop use is that it can make students collaborators. Students using laptops spend more time engaging in collaborative activities as compared to students who don’t. Thus, they are able to enhance their communication skills and also understand the importance of teamwork.

Laptops help in improving numerous skills

Both educators and parents want their children to acquire new skills and this is exactly where laptops can prove to be immensely beneficial. With the use of laptops in the learning process, students are able to acquire new skills as well as polish existing ones. The use of laptops encourage student writing and leads to a higher quality of writing. Students also engage in critical thinking and problem solving readily. They are able to understand the deeper and more flexible uses of technology. They also participate in project-based instruction, which is considerably easier.

Teaches also find laptops handy in classrooms especially for subjects such as English, Math and Science. They are able to use a more constructivist approach during lessons and spend less time in lecturing. All this combines to promote better instruction and learning, which can encourage great student achievements in the long run.

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