What are the Biggest Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

What are the Biggest Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developers have to face a lot of challenges while developing an app.

The following are some of challenges you may run into when developing a mobile application yourself or for your business:

Creating an app that stands out

You may find immense competition in your industry.

You might need to put in more effort to get noticed.

Before developing an app, you will have to take many things into your account.

You need to develop a great looking app with graphics, advanced features, and an intuitive design.

You need to know your target group, the purpose of the app, the required functions and features, price, competition, and your buyers.

You need to ensure that your app will be pleasant, productive, and simple.

Finding the right investors

This is one of the major challenges that every mobile app developers face in the current condition.

Even if you have a killer app idea, you cannot go ahead without funding.

The cost of development of an app will vary from $3,000 to $150,000.

There are many ways to get funds for your app. You can apply for loans or approach your social circle for support.

You can also try crowdfunding. Some platforms including AppBack and Kickstarter can be good starting points.

You need to do all the preparations before approaching any for the fund.

Device compatibility

While developing a mobile app, you will have to focus on all your users.

They are using different types and different sizes of mobile devices.

Failing to accommodate will lose many of your buyers.

You need to develop an app that can be accessed through almost all types of devices.

Therefore, it is important to consider OS requirements, screen size, pixel intensities, and embedded technologies of each and every device.

Your focus should on three important types. These are Windows, Android, and iOS.

You will need a responsive design. It will offer more screen liquidity. Moreover, a responsive design can be adjusted depending on the formats and size of different types of screens.


You will have to make your app interactive. Both interactions and responsive design are important for the success of any app.

It might take more time for creating interactions.

Therefore, it is important to plan it in advance to save your time.

You should not restrict to swipe and tap gestures.

You can also use buttons, click options, and displays for additional information.

You can also include more practical interactions such as the flipping, shaking, and tilting.

All these features will enable your app to respond to directions, and positions, and even the environment of the devices.

Simple and clear app

You will have to make your app as simple as possible. Make sure that the features are easily accessible.

The function should be clear and easy to understand.

The best way to make a simple app is to offer brief tutorials and instruction.

You should ensure that your users are able to understand each and every detail.

You can also consider using icons and thumbnail to offer all required information.

What are the Biggest Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

Performance and battery life

Your focus should always be on improved performance.

In addition to design and interactions, you will have to focus on the performance and battery life to make it more useful for your users.

The battery consumption is an important aspect for any mobile app.

You need to ensure that you are creating a bug-free and well-performing app that can run on minimum possible battery.

The performance level will vary depending on the type of device.

Your app might perform well on the latest devices. But it might not be that useful for the older devices.

Content management

Content management will play an important for the success of your app.

In the current condition, you cannot expect success without rich contents.

The contents should include images, videos, and animation. But you might not be able to deliver rich contents all the time due to frequent connection drops that will demand a lot of bandwidth.

You will have to plan everything in advance to offer rich contents to your users.

You can consider mobile content management solutions.

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