10 Things That You Can Purchase With Bitcoins

10 Things That You Can Purchase With Bitcoins

One of the biggest hurdles with any digital currency is to find out what exactly you do with it. Increased transaction fees and unstable price movements have reduced bitcoins’ attraction as a source of exchange. This, however, does not mean that there is no retailing outlet to spend this currency. For example, Microsoft officially takes bitcoins at its app stores, allowing you to download games, movies and other app-based services.

This year, this digital currency transformed from a hobby to a profitable phenomenon. Its value constantly fluctuates but it is perhaps enough to have got you interested at some point. Here are nine things you probably didn’t know you could purchase with bitcoins. While specific businesses mentioned in the article are only some of the options available, do not take them a recommendation.


The network of cryptocurrency investors as well as users is expanding at a fast pace. Of course, IT businesses were among the first ones to embrace the cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Some of these companies already are offering Bitcoin-based web hosting. This post on Bitcoin Hosting will give you some very interesting details in this regard.

Gift cards

Gift cards are something useful that you can buy with your stock of bitcoins. At a few online stores like eGifter or Gyth, you can get gift cards against this currency and use them as actual presents. For example, you can buy a gift card for all sort of outlets that do not officially accept bitcoins as the method of payment yet such as Amazon, and then from there purchase anything

Airline and Hotel Tickets

Many travel agencies are ahead of the competition with bitcoins to this point. Even large travel companies like CheapAir, Surf Air and Expedia allow you to get airline tickets or reserve a hotel room through their websites and pay with any digital currency including bitcoin. Surprisingly, you can also go to space with your Cryptocurrency by using traveling services of Virgin Galactic.


You can spend your digital currencies to get your favorite pizza. Sounds great? PizzaForCoins.com is an amazing place for pizza lovers in the USA, and the best part is that they allow you to place order for different pizza brands through their site and pay with your bitcoins.


There are a few computer manufacturers like Dell that accept bitcoins through their online retailing stores. Newegg is another option where you can purchase a laptop or computer components with bitcoins.


There are a number of musicians such as Imogen Heep and Bjork that allow you to download and enjoy their music in exchange of bitcoins.


Sites like JM Bullion, APMEX, and Sharp Pixley accept bitcoins in exchange of gold.


If you need to buy present for your loved one or want to furnish your office, there are some retailers like ‘Overstock’ that have been accepting bitcoins since 2014. Surprisingly, the founder of this outlet is still one of the most active supporters of crypto-currencies.


There are various public and private institutions of higher education and some preschools in the USA that accept bitcoins as the tuition fee.


You can also spend your digital currency to buy someone happiness through your donations. BitHope, Fidelity Charitable, and BitGive are some of the crowd-funding sites that accept bitcoins as charity.

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