3 Simple Methods to Promote Your New Business

3 Simple Methods to Promote Your New Business

When starting up a business, one of the most important things you can do is to promote your company, and its services, widely and effectively. Advertising well is the best way to attract new clients, which is important because, without the market interest, your business will never take off the ground. However, many small businesses don’t have huge budgets for advertising, so it is vital to find cost-effective ways to easily promote your company. If you have a business which is just starting out and are looking for inexpensive ways to reach potential clients, here are a few tips on how to advertise while keeping costs down.

Promote in your correspondence

Almost every business person has a stack of business cards to give out when appropriate, however, many people forget that there are other methods of correspondence which you can use to promote your business. For example, there is an option to sign off each of your emails with a custom-made footer, in which you could put information such as your business logo, company name, and any contact information. Not only is this a more professional format for a business email address, but it also advertises your company when you are emailing people who have never used your services before.

Utilise networking opportunities

Networking is a great way to meet potential clients, as well as other business people who can help you to further the success of your business, and increase your standing within the business community. Word of mouth is one of the most successful forms of advertising there is, as people trust the opinions of their friends, colleagues, and peers a lot more than they trust a paid advert. One of the keys to advertising is to bond over genuine interests and create more of a social relationship, rather than a purely professional one. This may involve socialising outside of work to develop a good working relationship. Capitalise on a shared love of sport, for example, in which case you could organise a networking day based on a sport event. Make this even more sociable by heading online and visiting Unibet. Getting to know clients and connections in this relaxed manner is a way of showing your human side. Plus, once you make these connections, you can create mutually beneficial advertising through buddy marketing, where you join up with other businesses to promote each other’s companies. For example, you might include an advert for another company’s business in your brochures, or have their business cards available in your office, and vice versa.

Advertise on the go

Companies which use vehicles as part of their services, such as transport companies, or builders who use vans for tools and equipment, have been utilising vehicle wrap advertising for years. However, many small business owners forget that they can use vehicle wraps too, just on a smaller scale. While you might not want your car plastered from head to toe in a company logo, just having a small logo, company name, and a method of contact on the back of your car could generate a lot of interest in your business with minimal effort; the more you drive, the more potential clients you are reaching, without having to do the hard sell.

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