5 Best Ways to Protect Your Headphones

5 Best Ways to Protect Your Headphones

If you’re a tech enthusiast, you must have spent a decent amount on getting good headphones. One important way to protect your headphones is to take care of things which make your device last much longer. In this article, 5 best ways to care better for your headphones have been listed:

1. Find a Case or Bag

Certainly, it is best to keep your headphones in a bag or case when you are not wearing them. In case your headphones did not come with a bag, just for $15 or less, you can get one on eBay or Amazon. It is most effective way to protect your headphones for very long time.

2. Cleaning Headphones

Often, how to clean headphones in the simplest way is the best way. Common tap water is handy for cleaning the headphones with no worries about extra elements going inside your leather pads. A cloth or sponge with plain tap water can do the trick. You shouldn’t use polishes which are acrylic/water based that could be bad for the leather earpads.

3. Don’t Wrap Your Earbuds around Music Player

Music is everywhere, and a great way to get ahold of your desired music is by utilizing earbuds or in-ear monitors. You must be using your earbuds nearly every day. Among the common ways people ruin their earbuds is by badly storing them.

4. Clean Your Earbuds

All of us have wax in our ears; few of us more than others. This wax may get lost at times in the earbuds. This is the reason cleaning your earbuds is important. You should use daily showers which will help you clean your ears. Also, use wax removal kits that can be very effective in cleaning out your ears. Make sure that you do not use the Q-tips too deep into your ears. They can actually cause the wax to pile up.

5. Coil Your Headphones Appropriately

A quick search on how you must coil your headphones will show you a lot of advice suggesting you to perform a figure eight. Numerous good quality headphone websites actually advise that cables should not be wrapped around headphones, kinked or twisted over at right angles.

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