The Secrets of a Successful Digital Strategy

The Secrets of a Successful Digital Strategy

Whatever your line of business, to get more eyes on your products and services, you need a strong digital strategy. It’s become the backbone of many companies, as technology constantly moves on and consumer habits change. If you run a small business or are trying to make your mark as an employee of a bigger company, then you may be wondering what the ingredients are for creating a digital strategy that packs a punch. Here are some of the areas you should be focusing on.

Define your goals

One of the first things you should be concentrating on is developing a clear focus for your digital strategy. You need to be asking yourself, ‘what is it we want to achieve through digital channels?’ and set some clear targets and benchmarks to reach.

When we talk about digital strategy, it covers a whole range of different things. But, when it comes to marketing, you’re looking at the overall promotion of your business through channels such as websites and social media – along with mobile phone advertising and the more traditional forms of radio and TV promotion.

Get the skills

If within your company, digital is completely new, then, of course, you are starting from scratch. This has its benefits, but it also means there’s a lack of previous knowledge and experience from within the business. So, you should think about hiring specialist digital staff, in the areas where you want to focus. If you’re in need of a new marketing employee, then try and look for someone who has a track record in digital success – who can bring the thinking and ideas to help realize your strategy.

If you’re feeling yourself that your skills and knowledge in this aspect of the business could do with a boost, then you should be looking to enroll in some specialist training to help give you more of a strategic and leadership role as you look to the future. There are many options out there, online workshops and tuition among them, including ‘Squared Online’ – if you’re wondering what is Squared? There is plenty of information online to help you understand.

Spread the word

Once you have the team and skills in place to put your digital strategy into practice, you need to be maximizing your outreach – getting your content and marketing ideas out there and influencing your potential customers.

You may choose that you want to go for some paid-for advertising on social media platforms, you may have designed some infographics in-house that you want to promote through digital channels. Or how about those snippets of a video you’ve produced? There’s no point in having a plan and creating the content if you then don’t hit the spot.

As well as on your website, through social media and so on, you should also be sharing content with clients and professionals directly, in online groups and chats – and making a feature of it in blog postings. A drip feed will not achieve instant revenue overnight, well it may do, but over time, it could really make a difference to your client base!

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