Garrett Ace 350 – The Best Metal Detector to Discriminate Trash From Treasure


Garrett Ace 350 – The Best Metal Detector to Discriminate Trash From Treasure

It doesn’t matter whether you are in your backyard or in the woods, having the best metal detector is crucial if your intention is to discriminate trash from treasure. One of the best entry-level metal detectors, Garrett Ace 350 could be an excellent choice, especially if you are just about starting out treasure hunting.

What makes Garrett Ace 350 the best metal detector?

One of the things that make Ace 350 a popular metal detector is its exceptional performance on mineralized grounds and saltwater. It comes with a special DD coil that counters the interference presented by such surfaces. Also, its high frequency helps in detecting tiny targets such as coins, jewelry, rings, and even bullets.

Garrett 350 comes with a ground balance monitor that has a large LCD display, a touchpad control, and an inbuilt speaker. The customizable settings let you set your metal detector for your target location, giving you details about depth and sensitivity. It is a lightweight device that offers excellent balance.

Features of the best metal detector – Garrett Ace 350:

Here are a few more features of Ace 350 that makes it a perfect choice for both beginners and intermediaries:

  • Five Search Modes: The Garrett 350 comes with five search modes that helps you find different targets. You can choose your discrimination pattern depending on what you are looking for – coins, jewelry or relics. You can also customize your settings, making it easier and faster to find targets. The zero as well as pinpoint modes would be great if your intention is to look for tiny targets.
  • Advanced Iron Detection: Looking for iron in junk can be an issue. You tend to waste a lot of time by detecting junk instead of iron. This is because basic metal detectors are not designed to distinguish iron from junk. However, the Ace 350 of Garrett is a best metal detector that has been fitted with the latest technology that offers more accurate detection of iron. You can save a lot of your time and energy by differentiating treasure from trash.
  • Depth Detector: The biggest challenge in hunting for targets that are buried in the ground is knowing their depth. Digging without knowing how far you have to dig can be frustrating when it comes to metal detection. Nevertheless, the Garrett 350 metal detector comes with a continuous coin depth indicator which tells you exactly how far your target is.
  • Push Button Control: The complicated designs of metal detectors can make it very hard to detect targets especially on challenging grounds. But you don’t have to worry about that when using the Ace 350. This amazing metal detector offers easy one-touch operation through easy-to-use push buttons that give you better control on the device.
  • Battery level indicator: The last thing you want, while digging for treasure, is your metal detector running out of battery. Garrett 350 has an excellent battery life of about 20 to 40 hours. Furthermore, the battery level indicator will tell you how far you can go, before giving up your attempts of discriminating trash from treasure.
  • High Frequency: Many metal detectors fail to detect tiny targets such as nuggets and coins. But the DD coil of Ace 350 has a high frequency that can very well detect even the tiniest of the targets with absolute accuracy.

If you have never used a metal detector, you will find Garrett 350 worth the price. Put it on your wishlist and be on the lookout for promotional offers and discounts.

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