Tesla Charging Network: A Clean Future for Those Who Care

Technological innovations are great, but they are the greatest when they make our planet beautiful. Tesla Inc., the 15-year old producer of beautiful electric cars, has come up with a solution to the world’s pollution. Its charging network is not only going to promote the use of electric vehicles, but also facilitate customers for as long as they keep using Tesla vehicles. Model S, Model 3, and Model X have been the biggest point of attractions for Tesla. The company is now plans to build thousands of Supercharger network to help the owners of these vehicles with “refueling”.

The Tesla Supercharger Network

Just like a gas station, these are battery charging stations that Tesla has built. The Supercharging technology that Tesla uses at these stations can allow a car to cover up to a distance of 170 miles after charging for only half an hour. A complete charge takes place in one hour and fifteen minutes. The supercharging stations have 480-volt direct current available on them. There are more than 1,300 such stations in the world all built by Tesla in a matter of a few years. Today, taxicabs, ridesharing cars, commercial vehicles, etc. cannot use the Supercharger stations because Tesla wants the people to use these stations only when necessary.

Free Supercharging Might be Going Away but the Referral Code’s Here

As mentioned earlier, Tesla wants car owners to use its supercharging stations only when they “have to”. At one point, the company had to approach and penalize car owners who kept charging their batteries from the charging stations even after full charge. In 2017, car Tesla car owners could benefit from unlimited charging at the stations after using a code. This luxury will be going away in the middle of the September of 2018. However, this should not disappoint you as you can still use a Tesla referral code and supercharge your car batteries at Tesla charging stations free for a year.

Tesla Has Challenges to Face

While customers are happy that they can drive stylish cars that don’t emit harmful gases and make annoying noise, Tesla has a lot of challenges to overcome. The company plans to open thousands of new stations worldwide, according to Elon Musk, one of the founders of the company. These thousands of new stations will cost Tesla trillions of dollars. The company officials say they plan to let other car companies use the stations if they agree to share the costs. It could be a hint that Tesla needs money direly for its future projects. Or it could be an indicator that Tesla represents technology that focuses on making the planet a safer place.

What Customers Should be Doing

The best thing is that customers don’t have to do anything. They are playing their part in keeping the planet safe by buying Tesla cars. The only concern for customers is that Tesla charging network might become a pay-for service in the coming times. However, initiatives like Robert’s referrals can still help customer get unlimited supercharging for their Model S, X, and 3. Tesla drivers have to be quick since all of these referrals are going away on September 16.


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