Things to Do Immediately When You Connect The New Router

Things to Do Immediately When You Connect The New Router


Technology is a very tedious thing to understand. The more we try to understand technology the more it confusesus. The more it is helping the world to stay connected the more it is risking the world to privacy. If care is not taken to avoid the risk, you can be exploited. The reason we can access the internet is that of the construction of the router. It helps to seek the internet and help us to be online. However, all the things that are connected to the internet need to be handledcarefullybecause of security reasons and you have to know how to find the ip address of the router. Installing the router is not an as difficult task to install. However, it is really a great issue if not installed correctly. There are certain measures or rather things that need to be done once you plug the router for the first time.

Update the firmware

The router is like a mini-computer. It handles more thing that it is expected to do. The router is not limited to serve only as a mean to use the internet. There are much more to it. You need to ask how to find the ip address of router. The router is installed with a motherboard that looks into the activities on your router. The activities can be controlled with the firmware. The firmware instructs varioushardware and software in it to be controlled accordingly. The firmware should be of the latest version so that all the venerable exploit can be covered.

The firmware updates are less likely to come as all the required security measures are already installed in the router. They are designed to be stable under any circumstances. However, it is also a clever thing to check for the latest version, as you don’t know how long the router was not sold in the shop. Maybe someupdateshave just come. There are hackers always trying out exploits to peek into the device. The updates will keep you updated with the exploits. In addition to that, the updates give additional functionality to the router.

Change the login password

When the router is delivered to your home, it comes in with a default login username and password.That is common to all the routers of that particular company.Ifyou have the router installed by a professionalthen he may have inputted a simple and common password for the time sake. That password needs to be changed. Or else, anyone will at once guess the username and password or a simple googling can help them find the long lists of all the usernames and the passwords. Therefore, to avoid any malicious activity into your router reset the username and the password.

However, while changing the password make sure to input a strong password. Weak passwords are a greatsecurity threat that should be avoided by all. This password can be hacked by any simple hacking software easily. Use long passwords with combinations of different characters to make it very difficult for anyone to hack. Your connections should be secure using WPA2 encryption so that your data may not be leaked. This secures the Wi-Fi network.

Change the SSID name

It is said that the name of a person speaks a lot about the person. Hence, for a baby, the name is decided carefully. The same goes for the Wi-Fi network name. The name of the SSID speaks a lot about the router. The default name of the router is the same as that of the manufacturer. Hence if the name remains the same it becomes really easy for the hackers to look for the exploits of that particular router. All the router of the same company has the same internal structure and firmware. Hence, an exploit in one device can also work in another device of the same company.Changing the name of the SSID will make it difficult for the hacker to hack into your router.Keep the words simple yet not revealing any of the personal data such as your name, house number or address. Keep it a phrase or an attractive name.

Secure it with password encryption

In the past, the routers were not as secure as the present-day’srouter. The router build wasalso not that secure and was very vulnerable to exploits. The routers in the present age are made with the best level of password encryption that makes it very difficult to be hacked in. The passwords that are generated during the time of manufacturing are also randomly set. No matter how random the password generation is, it is your responsibility to make sure you take up the safety in your hand with a strong password and the best encryption. The first router was encrypted with WEP which in the next few years of debut were prone to hacks. Then came WAP, which was very much able to encrypt the network. The latest and the most secure encryption WAP2 uses the top-level128-bit encryption. This is the one that is most widely recommended to all users. The level of encryption that the rest two gives is very low and should be avoided.

The WAP2 supports 63 characters as a password and the whole thing is encrypted. Instead of using the password, it is way better to utilize the 63 character limitation and input a phrase as a password. This would be more difficult to hack and the encryption will also be very strong.

Disable the Remote access

Remote access is very handy if you want to control your router for a distance. However, the point is if you are in your home then you don’t require the remote access as you can set things manually. If you are far away, then you don’t need it either, you can switch it off while going out of the house. Therefore don’t uselessly enable the remote access as it would leave an open space for hackers. Once he gains access to the remote access features, he can hamper the network and cause damages. The hacker can turn off the firewall and can do anything he wants.


Safety and security is the main concern of technology and it has to be maintained so as to avoid any damages made. Prevent your privacy and private data to be accessed for ill means.

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