Top Five Ways to Improve Your SEO

Top Five Ways to Improve Your SEO

In today’s business environment, it is imperative to employ the right SEO strategies. SEO is an effective way of building your online visibility when running your business. It targets a wide range of audience and sends your core message efficiently when done right. Search Engine Optimization enhances your web ranking and puts your page on top with Google ranking. However, there are many SEO tactics you can employ.  Only the best can give you the desired results as you run an SEO campaign.

Top 5 ways to improve your SEO

  1. Interactive Content

Content is king when it comes to SEO. It determines whether web visitors will be interested in your site or not. For this reason, focus on creating high quality and unique content. Make the information on your website informative and engaging. This can be achieved through catchy headlines, quizzes, and answers, surveys, assessments, polls and the right infographics. Not only do these pieces attract target audience but they also increase their dwell time.

Google algorithms keep changing over time and the search engine has a way of detecting sites that are underperforming. Google can rank your site low if clients click and leave the site in a few minutes. It assumes the content therein is below standard. However, if web visitors stay longer on your page, Google increases your ranking.

Therefore, include informative and interactive content in your page to build a solid brand online. Valuable information alerts Google that what you offer online is indeed relevant to web visitors.  

  1. Rich keywords

Google’s first page often has results of pages that contain 1800 words. This means that you need to delve deep into your keyword content. Consider topics that are catchy and those that give web visitors wealthy information. Give the target audience what they are looking for by posting comprehensive content. It goes a long way in ensuring long dwell time. Similarly, it gives Google an alert that your site is valuable to its users.

You can also include LSI keywords to increase your ranking.

  1. Catchy Headline

To improve your click-through rates, you need catchy headlines on your pages. It plays a decisive role in determining whether web visitors will click through or not. In this regard, focus on creating the most compelling headlines for all your posts.

With the advancement in technology, there are effective tools that grade you on headline elements, for example, Headline analyzer can rate your post on social media. It gives guidelines on whether to include or omit certain words in a headline for the best results. Utilize such to create excellent titles and add descriptive words to your content. It enhances your click-through rate and your overall Google ranking.

Your topics should be brief, catchy, unique, and descriptive.

  1. Optimize your site for mobile

A site that is mobile friendly is more appealing to Google users compared to a site that is not mobile ready. Up to 60percent of Google searches today occur on mobile gadgets. More and more people are using smartphones to access internet services. It is vital to create a site that is mobile friendly to engage users even more.

To get the best results when optimizing your site for mobile, think of what web visitors will love to do once they land on your page. Enable them to carry out different tasks seamlessly. Go an extra mile to define the objectives of web visitors and allow them to complete their tasks effortlessly. These will go a long way in building a solid brand online.

Remember, a mobile-ready website is highly responsive and interactive. This is in terms of navigation and page speed. In this light, let your web visitors find what they are looking for on your website. Format the site to impact your SEO campaign and to ensure a killer user experience.

You can also optimize your site for speed when loading web pages. Loading is a prime factor because mobile devices tend to be slower compared to PCs. Therefore, monitor your mobile speed to offer the best experience to your web visitors.

  1. Boost engagement

Web visitors love to read, like, comment and share stories or posts. This is always a sure way to determine what web visitors think of your products and services. It is therefore essential that you work on an online community that is lively by engaging your followers. Not only does it offer you genuine feedback but it also increases your web ranking.

By engaging web visitors, you also compel them to stay longer on your page. For this reason, create a unique way to keep up with your clients online. It gives an alert to Google that every aspect of your online business is aimed at enhancing the experience of a user. You can take advantage of social media platforms to engage your visitors on various topics.


As Google continues to advance its rank and search algorithms, you need to focus more on your SEO campaign. Move with check Serp monitoring at Serpbook and employ these top tips to increase your online visibility.

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