8 Major Reasons for Investing in Stocks

8 Major Reasons for Investing in Stocks

The primary objective of investing your hard earned money somewhere is to meet the financial objectives you have set for yourself. The constant rise in inflation makes it inadequate for people to just earn and save part of their incomes on a regular basis. Investment becomes extremely important for meeting the price increase caused by inflation. One of the oldest and most popular avenues that you can explore as an investor is the stock market. There are a number of benefits that can be reaped through an investment in stocks, which have contributed to their popularity.

Initially, putting your money in stocks can come off as very intimidating, especially for those who are new to investment. After all, the stock market is quite unpredictable and you can also lose money on stocks. However, as mentioned above, stocks offer numerous advantages, especially when compared with other investments. Due to these benefits, stocks can actually become an important part of a balanced portfolio. If you are still unsure of whether to investment in stocks or not, here are some major reasons for doing so:

High Return

Stocks are risky and uncertain assets. This means that you cannot have a guaranteed return and there is a possibility that you may lose money. But, if you study the trend of the stock market, you will realize that it has gone upwards. In a nutshell, as compared to any other form of investment, stocks can offer you the highest possible returns. The Federal Reserve has disclosed that in the last five decades, the stock market has enjoyed an average growth rate of 10 percent and no other form of investment has experienced the same. Anyone who can deal with the market swings, buying stocks can turn out to be the best decision for them.


The stock market resembles a vast auction house. People buy and sell shares on a regular basis, which means that stocks are a liquid investment. If you are in the mood to cash out, finding a buyer can be incredibly easy and quick in the market. In contrast, selling other assets can be a lot more difficult and time consuming. For instance, if you have bought an investment property, it can take months for you to find a buyer and get your money back. With stocks, you can have your money the following day.


The stock market is closely observed by people all over the world. Companies that are interested in selling their stocks publicly have to release their financial statements to the public in order to show how it is being run. For companies that want to list on the New York Stock Exchange, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will review these statements to ensure they are presented in a true and fair manner. Furthermore, financial reporters also continue to report on stocks throughout the day and night. This makes it incredibly easy for investors to do research on stocks they are considering as a potential investment. Other investments don’t have such public information, which can make it difficult for investors to make informed decisions.

Delayed Taxation

Taxation can be a hassle for many investors and they want to delay it as much as possible. Stocks provide you a way to delay paying taxes on your gains. If you have bought a stock and it increases in value, there is no need for you to file a return on your profits. The stock gains only have to be reported when you decide to sell the stocks for profits. Moreover, if another stock purchases causes a loss, you can actually use it for reducing the tax you have to pay on any other gains in stock. As opposed to stocks, earnings from other forms of investment are immediately taxable.

Advantage of Economic Growth

Investment in stocks is also highly popular because it allows investors to take advantage of the growth in an economy. As the economy grows and expands, the corporate earnings also rise as income is created. Consumer demand is on the rise and this can lead to increased revenues for companies. The more profits made by companies, the higher the dividends paid to shareholders.


When you decide to invest in the stock market, you will find that there are numerous financial instruments that you can put your money in. You are not just buying stocks or shares, but can also purchase bonds, derivatives and mutual funds. This provides investors with a wide array of choices when they are interested in investing their monies. This investment choice not only gives you flexibility, but is also helpful in mitigating the risks that are inherent in stock purchase and can help you in creating a diversified investment portfolio.


Every aspect of modern living has been influenced due to technical development. Various technical advancements are being used in the stock market for providing a great deal of convenience for investors. When you decide to buy or sell stocks, you can gain access to an electronic platform for this purpose and ensure that you maximize the investment opportunities available to you. Stocks can now be traded online, which means that investors can make money from the comforts of their home or no matter where they are.


One of the top reasons to invest in stocks is the fact that this market is highly regulated. When companies list themselves on the stock exchange, they are required to follow strict rules and regulations and are subject to a number of laws. They have to operate transparently and efficiently because they are held accountable for all their actions. This can be helpful for investors because it ensures that their investment is safe and is not being used in any illegal or unethical way.

These are some of the best reasons for investing in stocks. You can explore other investment options as well, but none will give you the same returns and security that you can enjoy by buying stocks.

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