Taylor Rafferty LLC: Capital Markets Experts

Taylor Rafferty LLC: Capital Markets Experts

The business world has never been more competitive, or complex. Since capital is the lifeblood of running a business, raising capital is a company’s top priority. Raising capital requires interacting with shareholders, and knowing which shareholders to target specifically. This is where expertise in investor relations is necessary. Industry experts refer to this process as “achieving best practice IR”. Best practice IR is competing for capital in order to establish a stock’s maximum valuation. Winning the competition for capital is IR’s responsibility to the company and its shareholders. This is how the most successful business leaders set up and run their IR programs.

Introducing Taylor Rafferty LLC

Taylor Rafferty LLC is a professional services firm headquartered on Wall Street in New York City. Taylor Rafferty is the world’s leading cross-border investor relations firm. The firm is sought out for their extensive experience advancing investor relations and financial communications programs. Taylor Rafferty grows their client’s shareholder base by presenting their client’s stock to the world’s premier institutional investors. Of the many features that set Taylor Rafferty apart from the competition and make them the industry leader, the most prominent is independent ownership. Taylor Rafferty is independently owned, enabling them to solely represent the interest of their clients.

For decades, corporations have sought out Taylor Rafferty to achieve clear capital markets goals, such as growing their shareholder base in the United States. Led by capital markets veteran Brian Rafferty, the firm works as an extension of their client’s investor relations teams to achieve their goals. Mr. Rafferty advises the world’s premier companies on every aspect of their capital markets communications and IR programs.

Taylor Rafferty’s clients are multinational corporations that trade on the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, The London Stock Exchange, and The Tokyo Stock Exchange. Clients hire the firm to find new institutional investors, reduce share price volatility, improve valuation versus their peers, avoid market missteps, plan and host capital markets days, plan and host IPO days, conduct capital markets research and analysis and to have a measurably greater impact and return on IR investment.

Research and Analysis is one of the firm’s most in-demand services. Their reports generate insights that inform and improve investor relations messaging and programming. Taylor Rafferty’s team crafts each analytical report to deliver recommendations based on the client’s priorities. The reports are framed for internal audiences that range from Board to IR team members that manage contact with their investors.

Taylor Rafferty’s clients have operations all over the world. Taylor Rafferty is brought on board to introduce them to new institutional investors such as pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, family offices and multi-billion-dollar endowments. Taylor Rafferty presents their client’s stock to potential investors. The firm is a full-service operation that arranges all meetings, and ensures all communication is optimized to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

The Market Mind Blog

Taylor Rafferty’s Founder and Chief Executive, Brian Rafferty, writes a popular business blog called The Market Mind. The Market Mind discusses many topics relevant to capital markets communications and investor relations programs. The blog focuses on avoiding the pitfalls of process-driven IR programming and features strategies proven to enhance capital markets communications. Make sure to check the blog often for updates, and follow the firm on Instagram (taylorraffertyir) for capital markets updates straight from Wall Street.


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