Basics Of Programming Web Services

Basics Of Programming Web Services

When you turn on the computer the first thing that happens is your computer starts to load the operating system that has been programmed to run whenever the power button is pressed. You have the option to click a particular key on your keyboard to enter the BIOS but if you don’t, your computer automatically boots and takes you into the operating system. While entering the operating system, your computer loads all the necessary drivers, programs and files that are required to run the operating system on your computer. Every time you turn on your computer, this process takes place the same way because your computer has been programmed this way.

When you program something, you give it the order to follow an instruction the exact same way when a particular command is given to it. The device, software or application programmed will not change its course unless something wrong happens. In the same way, Programming Web is done and on the website you have several aspects that respond to the queries and activities done by the website visitors in the exact same way as they have been programmed. Be sure not to confuse the concept of programming with designing.

Basics Of Programming Web

When you run an application or software on your computer, you give it the commands and perform actions on it. You want to press the play button on your media player and it plays the song. You drag and drop the songs in its playlist and it creates the play list for you. However, this is a direct human to machine contact and here a human is giving commands and performing actions on the programmed software. When you are on internet, you are accessing website from servers that are not present in front of you and you can’t touch them. You need to access the websites that are being hosted on servers through internet technology and by using a browser.

The first thing that needs to be done is to enable the browser to understand certain languages so when the users type in a query or do any action on the browser, it is able to understand it. Furthermore, the programmers need to program the websites and web services on the client’s end. The client’s end is the browser end from where the requests are sent to the server where information is stored. There are certain languages used for programming the client’s end and its queries. Most commonly used languages on the client’s end include these names: HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flex, AJAX etc.

Since the server receives requests from the client, it needs to understand many languages as well. However, based on the actions and queries that are placed at server’s end, the languages used on server’s side programming are different. Most commonly used languages for programming the server side are ASP, PERL, Java, Lotus, Ruby, .Net etc. The communication between the client and the server is built by using these languages. If there is some error on any of the sides, the requests will not be fulfilled and users will not be able to browse on the internet using their web browsers.

So there’s a big difference between Programming Web and web designing, but they are often confused by people who are not much aware of the nuances of difference present between them. However, the more you read about them the more you realize that the differences are big and only seem subtle when you have not read about any of them in details. In simple words, Programming Web is the backend work done on websites and its applications so users on the internet are able to use them. The way computers work on users and servers’ ends is different and therefore different programming is required on both ends. Most of the applications that we use today on websites are developed by the programmers. The best example is Google maps.

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