What are the Career Opportunities After Pursuing Masters Of Theology?


What Are The Career Opportunities After Pursuing Masters Of Theology?

A Masters of Theology (M. Th.) degree is the perfect choice for those students who are interested in gaining an in-depth knowledge about the religion. It is a 2-year postgraduate degree which offers the opportunity to study religion & theology in depth and also conduct research in the respective field.

Theology means the study of religious beliefs and the nature of God. Many people believe that this field of study is not as important as other streams and often assume that after pursuing a M. Th. Degree, the only job available is that of a Minister, which is completely wrong. There are many job opportunities after pursuing Masters of Theology like, Religious School Teacher, College Faculty, Writer/Reporter, Executive Director, Researcher, Social Worker and many more.

Master of Theology provides the wonderful opportunity to not only gain the college education, but also to learn about one’s faith and beliefs in religion at the same time, which is often seen as an opportunity too good to pass on.

A theology degree can lead to many career options with excellent salaries and opportunities associated with them. Theology degrees have empowered many people with religious training to enter a number of mainstream careers, as more people have started to look at religion and spirituality as an integral part of their lives.

Religious School Teacher

Now a days, parents are more concerned with their children’s education & values and therefore, most of them are opting for schools with local churches affiliated to them. These religion-based schools require regular teachers just like other public schools, but with theology degrees. Therefore, M. Th. Degree holders can find excellent paying jobs in a number of schools where opportunities are available at elementary, middle and high school level. As a religious school teacher, you may also get the chance to teach theology to students and provide them with spiritual counselling. Salary for these jobs can vary between INR 2,50,000 to INR 3,50,000 per year at an initial level. With increasing time and gain in knowledge, experience and expertise, the salary package will also increase.

College Faculty

Not only in schools, but graduates holding a theology degree are also required in colleges as college faculty members. As a college faculty, you will be responsible to educate several classes per semester in areas like, Religious History, Hindu Religion, Philosophy of Religion and many other areas. The average annual salary offered for this position at an initial level is between INR 1,44,000 and INR 2,50,000. Also, once you are experienced and tenured, you can earn up-to INR 5 Lacs annually. However, initially you will have to work as adjunct faculty and teach part-time in order to gain expertise and establish a name for yourself in the field. Working as a college faculty is a highly respectable job and with the knowledge you will have, it will open more doors for you with time.


Minister is definitely the profession chosen by most of Master of Theology degree holders. Ministers are hired in various churches across the country and are paid between INR 60,000 to 2,40,000 at an initial level. But in certain churches, which falls under the category of “megachurches”, ministers are also paid up-to 5 lacs per annum that keeps on increasing with more and more experience in the chosen field.  While most theology degree holders prefer to work in churches, others choose to work as a minister in hospitals or for worldwide relief agencies helping those in third-world nations overcome hunger, poverty and many times war. Wherever you choose to minister, you will be highly respected and also paid well, so if you are interested in religion, you should definitely pursue Master of Theology.


Among many career opportunities available today for Master of Technology degree holders, one is to work as a reporter or writer for newspapers, television stations, magazines and even as self-employed internet bloggers. For this profile, assignments can vary, ranging from writing a weekly column for a local newspaper to being the religion reporter for a television news channel. Topics can be anything from interviewing high-ranking church officials regarding fascinating and sometimes controversial issues to reporting on local religious services. Working as a reporter or a writer, you can earn a salary of between INR 60,000 and 2,50,000 at a starting level. Also, if you get a job with major television networks you can earn up-to 6 lacs per year while traveling the world for their next big story.

Bible Translator

With the world becoming narrower & closer every day and the youth unaware of their scriptures, there is an immense need for Bible translators to help convey the message in the Scriptures to many third-world nations. This profession is not as easy as it sounds, as it is part anthropological, part missionary and part minister, so it requires a willingness to live and work in harsh conditions, understanding the culture of that place and to gain trust and learn the native languages. Many relief organizations require Master of Theology degree holders who can translate the religious scriptures and work with native populations in remote areas of the country.

As the demand is too high for this post, salary is also paid very well, ranging between INR 2,40,000 and 4,00,000, depending upon the time and living condition of the place they are working at. So, this is a post for those who are rigid and have an immense interest in history, sociology and anthropology. For such post-graduates with a Master of Theology degree, this can be a fascinating way to put their training & knowledge to excellent use.

So whether you wish to travel and help others living in a jungle hut for a decade or to be in a comfortable office, there are a number of jobs available for those possessing a Master of Theology degree. While many of these jobs offer high & competitive salaries, they also offer the wonderful opportunity to put one’s faith and belief to test each day, helping & uplifting others who are suffering pain & troubles the chance to make their lives a bit better. There is probably no other stream or course of education which gives you this power to help others in need. And for anyone who has studied the religious scripture and the life of Krishna or Jesus, they would know that there is no better way to live life than to walk in His steps.



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