How to Fund Your Business Using Cryptocurrency

Funding a business always requires capital. Be it a new start-up or a growing enterprise, money is necessary to start and keep your business afloat.

Traditionally, the money used to invest in a local business is the currency of that country. International investments may also introduce a foreign currency.

With the global market of online businesses nowadays, it’s not surprising if Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like digital gold have joined the ranks. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can grow your capital using cryptocurrency.


Let’s start with the most popular method of acquiring crypto coins.

Investment in any asset is not for the weak hearted. There’s no such thing as consistently linear growth in their graphs, just trends.

Watching the trends of crypto coins in the long-term allows you to create a portfolio that will give you the biggest gains.

A word of caution though:

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets, and it’s best to invest only the amount you’re willing to lose. A safer option is to invest in silver and gold backed cryptocurrency such as Kinesis.

Day trading

Once you get the hang of watching cryptocurrency trends, you may gain the confidence to start day trading. It’s basically a short-term investment in your choice of assets.

How short?

Day traders buy and sell a number of crypto coins in a span of a few minutes to several hours.

Watching the general trend and the little fluctuations takes so much time that some people turn day trading of metal cryptocurrency and other digital currencies into their full-time job. If their predictions are correct, they can earn big amounts in a day, and if not, the losses can also be large.


Some people aren’t comfortable with the big risks that come when trading cryptocurrencies. They would rather mine and earn their digital gold or digital silver.

However, mining is not entirely investment-free. You need to prepare a dedicated hardware with high processing power, a good Internet connection, and a suitable mining software.

Some miners go solo, while others prefer to work within a network called a mining pool.

Another option is to do cloud mining, which is paying a company to do the mining for you. The returns may not be as big, but it frees you from the hassle of having to set-up (and maintain) the technology.


The history of exchanging goods and services has evolved so much that you can now buy drinks or order items and pay them with gold backed cryptocurrency and other virtual currencies.

By accepting digital payment, you invite more potential customers to purchase your goods or services. In turn, you can use your hard-earned Bitcoins to expand your shop.

This can also be a way to attract investors who prefer to fund your business through their digital gold or digital silver.

Other online opportunities

Over the years, online freelance workers such as web designers and graphic artists have been receiving payments via wire transfer or electronic payment systems.

As expected, some members of the digital workforce are among the first people to jump into the bandwagon and are now accepting virtual or metal cryptocurrency in exchange for their services.

Some websites also implement affiliate marketing which uses crypto coins as incentives. Other companies also offer minute Bitcoin amounts for testing their games or reviewing their products. If you’re feeling a little lucky, online casinos can grow your crypto wealth overnight.

These are only some of the many ways you can grow your digital assets which you can use to fund your business.

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